Online Grade Change

An online change of grade process is available via a link on the Teach/Advise tab in the myWSU portal at

The online form is set up with two separate paths for graduate and undergraduate courses. If the instructor has Graduate Faculty status in Banner, the first screen will ask them to choose between UG and GR. If the instructor does not have this status, the form will go directly to the next screen.

If the change is for a Graduate course, the instructor will be asked to enter the term code. The term should be no more than one year in the past unless the course is a terminal course (i.e., dissertation). A change older than one year for any other courses must be submitted via the paper form through the Graduate School.

If the change is for an Undergraduate course, the instructor will select the term from a drop down which will only include the current term and those within the past year. Changes for a course in any terms older than those available in the drop down must be submitted via the paper form through the college exceptions process.

When the term is submitted, a list of the CRNs taught by the instructor in that term will appear. The instructor selects the appropriate CRN and the next screen will ask them to enter the student ID. They system verifies that the student was enrolled in that CRN and that an original grade was submitted. An instructor cannot change a grade of AU (audit) or W (withdrawn). The current grade of that student in the CRN will be listed and the instructor will enter the new grade. A change reason is also required. When all is entered, the instructor will click “submit.” An email will be sent to the instructor upon submission.

Submitted changes do NOT go directly to Banner. Registrar’s staff will receive the submissions and make the changes in Banner. An email will go to the instructor and the student when the change has been finalized in Banner. Grade details will not be listed in the email; students will be encouraged to log into myWSU to review their record.

Any questions about the online change of grade process can be directed to the Office of Registrar at 978-3055.