Application for Resident Classification for Fee Purposes

Submit if you have lived in Kansas for at least a year, are in the U.S. legally and
are not military. Documentation to attach:

  1. Last paystub from each job worked this year
  2. All of last year’s state tax return
  3. W-2 forms for last year
  4. First page of last year’s federal tax return
  5. Marriage certificate
  6. Proof of permanent resident approval from USCIS

Application for Kansas Resident Classification for Current Military
Personnel/Spouse/Dependents and Eligible Military Veterans/Spouse/

Submit in person with military ID at 102 Jardine Hall. Veterans also provide a
Certificate of Eligibility for military education benefits and their DD214, and must
sign a letter of intent to establish their residence in Kansas. Spouse or
dependents of a veteran must have military education benefits transferred to
them to qualify for military residency.

Application for Kansas Resident Fee Privilege for Recruited or
Transferred Employees

People that move to Kansas and have a full-time non-student job waiting for
them in Kansas may be eligible for resident rate tuition immediately. This
benefit extends to spouse and dependents also. This privilege is for the first year the recruited/transferred employee is in KS. Students must then apply for the resident classification after the first year of KS employment.

Affidavit for K.S.A. 76-731a In-State Tuition for Certain Kansas High School Graduates

Applicable to undocumented immigrants. WSU needs a Kansas high school transcript showing 3 completed years at a Kansas high school and graduation. Kansas GED is acceptable in lieu of graduation on transcript.

Tuition Waivers
for reduced tuition processed by WSU Financial Operations.

Questions? (316) 978-3672; or visit the 102 Jardine Hall counter.