Memorial '70 Multimedia


2014 - 44th Observance

Climbing to the Crash Site: A Survivor Remembers the WSU Crash of 1970
(KMUW Wichita Public Radio 89.1, 10/02/2014)

2010 - 40th Observance

The Crash
(5280 Denver'S Magazine Since 1993, 10/2010)

Former Utah State player still feels linked to Shockers
(The Wichita Eagle, 10/03/2010)

Families never lose memories
(The Wichita Eagle, 10/02/2010)

Hundreds expected at memorial for WSU crash
(The Wichita Eagle, 10/01/2010)

Brown was Solomon's favorite son
(The Wichita Eagle, 9/26/2010)

Daughter of WSU plane crash victim never knew her 'Da-da'
(The Wichita Eagle, 9/26/2010)

"Waltzing in Heaven"

"Waltzing in Heaven" is a story of faith, hope and love triumphing over heartbreak and loss in a father’s musical gift to his son. When the plane carrying Ronald G. "Ronnie" Johnson and other members of the WSU football team crashed, Howard Johnson, Ronnie's father, hoped to at least have the ring Ronnie always wore to remember him by. Thirteen years after the tragedy, the ring was miraculously found and returned to Ronnie’s parents, Virginia and Howard Johnson.

“Waltzing in Heaven” is based on Howard’s poetry, which helped to console him in his grief. Howard is credited with the concept of the show and Janie Peak with the story and script. Rick Lopez, Vickie and Scott Beck (Ronnie's sister and brother-in-law) are credited with the music and lyrics. The original musical production debuted at WSU on Oct. 2, 2008 and was directed by Marie King, associate professor and director for musical theatre in the School of Performing Arts.

Black & Gold - KPTS

Documentary on Wichita State University Plane Crash in 1970

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