2011 Service Award Honorees


Name Dept.
Heather Baker School of Nursing
Paul Belt Building Maintenance
Michael Call Purchasing
Shirley Cullop Registrar's Office
Jean Elliott Liberal Arts Advising
Rose Estill Modern & Classical Language
Blossom Garner Custodial Maintenance
Jeanine Hathaway English
Judith Hayes Curriculum & Instruction
Carol Hoaglan Copy & Print Center
Loren Huckstadt University Police
Khoung Huynh Custodial Maintenance
Keenan Jackson Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Dianne Lygrisse Registrar's Office
Shirley McCollum School of Art & Design
Linda Morrison President's Office
Robert Morrison NIAR - Full Scale Structure
Billie Norden VP of Administration & Finance
Judy Ruder Curriculum & Instruction
Martha Shawver Provost & VP of Academic Affairs
Bernard Smith Research Administration
Bill Sullivan Building Maintenance
James Switzer Building Maintenance
Hugh Thompson Landscape & Ground Maintenance
Joyce Ward Registrar's Office
Candace Wells Curriculum & Instruction
James Wright NIAR - Full Scale Structure
Marilyn Yourdon Student Health Services

45 years of service

Name Dept.
Mary Sue Foster School of Art & Design
Melvin Zandler Chemistry

40 years of service

Name Dept.
Charles Burdsal Psychology
John Gries Geology
James Ho Physics
Donald Wineke English

35 years of service

Name Dept.
Donald Blakeslee Anthropology
Ronald Christ School of Art & Design
James Clark Barton School Dean's Office
Dharma Desilva Management
Kimberly Hamilton English
Jim Hellman School of Art & Design
Alicia Huckstadt School of Nursing
John Hutchinson Vice President & General Counsel
Almer Mandt Philosophy
James Rogers University Computing &Telecommunication Services
Syed Taher Physics
William Wynne Registrar's Office
Samuel Yeager Hugo Wall School of Urban & Public Affairs

30 years of service

Name Dept.
Sherry Ashworth Intensive English Language Center
Thomas Brock Media Resources Center - Cable Television
Frankie Brown Office of Human Resources
Jolynne Campbell Health Professions Dean's Office
Roger Dick Architectural & Engineering Services
Sally Fiscus Registrar's Office
Theresa Fisher Custodial Maintenance
Klent Harkness Building Maintenance
Donna Hawley Wolfe Institutional Research
Ruth Hitchcock Counseling, Educational & School Psychology
Barbara Mason Liberal Arts Advising Center
Earnest McDonald Custodial Maintenance
Kenneth Miller Mathematics & Statistics
Eunice Myers Liberal Arts Dean's Office
Juanita Parsons National Institute for Aviation Research
Valerie Pittier WSU Police Department
Cecilia Rogers Financial Operations & Business Technology
Arlene Schreiber Thomas Barton School Dean's Office
Russell Widener School of Music
Janet Wolcutt Economics

25 years of service

Name Dept.
Philip Anderson Custodial Maintenance
Ted Ayres Vice President and General Counsel
Rosemary Hedrick Center for Economic Development & Business Research
Lac Thi Tran Custodial Maintenance
David Woody Custodial Maintenance

20 years of service

Name Dept.
William Artz School of Community Affairs
Rajiv Bagai Electrical Enginering & Computer Science
George Bousfield Biological Sciences
P. Christopher Cavanaugh General Counsel and EEO
Becky Corrigan Student Health Services
Sonya Cotton Registrar's Office
Elizabeth Gilbert Office of Human Resources
Elaine Harvey University Libraries
Anita Hodge Graduate School Dean's Office
Jeanne Hopkins Career Services
Elizabeth King WSU Foundation
Arlan Klocke Landscape & Ground Maintenance
Mary Koehn School of Nursing
Grady Landrum Office of Disability Services
Young Lee Custodial Maintenance
Brenda Lehman Economics
Sandra Lopez Office of Research Administration
Gregory Matthias Media Resources Center - Video Services
Wei-Cheng "Joseph" Mau Counseling, Ed & School Psychology
Sheryl McKelvey Student Health Services
Betty Monroe School of Performing Arts
Josephine Plumb Univerity Libraries

Prakash Ramanan

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Tiruvadi Ravigururajan Mechanical Engineering
Jeffery Rider WSU Police Department
Kamran Rokhsaz Engineering Dean's Office
Steven Skinner Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Kevin Smith Geology
Sin Tucker Custodial Maintenance
Elnora Walker National Institute for Aviation Research
Charles Welsbacher Custodial Maintenance
Steven White Office of Purchasing

15 years of service

Name Dept.
Mark Arrasmith Mathematics & Statistics
Andra Bannister School of Community Affairs
Wesley Bergen Women's Studies & Religion
Andrew Bowman Intensive English Language Center
Janet Brandes Public Health Sciences
Alex Chaparro Psychology
Gina Crabtree Registrar's Office
Kevin Crabtree University Computing &Telecommunication Services
Connie Dietz Cooperative Education & Work-Based Learning
Darlene Dinkel University Computing & Telecommunication Services
Amy Easum Marketing Communications
David Eichhorn Chemistry
Shannon Giessel Koehn WSU Foundation
Corazon Hawk Custodial Maintenance
Karen Hayes School of Nursing
Douglas Hendry Building Maintenance
Nedra Henry Graduate Studies in Business
Loma Hively School of Nursing
Cynthia Hodge Office of Human Resources
Jeffrey Jarman Elliott School of Communication
James Jenkins Building Maintenance
Krishna Krishnan Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
Viswanatha Madhavan Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
Denise Morgan Landscape & Ground Maintenance
Richard Muma Provost & VP for Academic Affairs & Research
William Patton Architectural & Engineering Services
Timothy Pett Center for Entrepreneurship
Keith Pickus Provost & VP for Academic Affairs & Research
Beth Reid Aerospace Engineering
Linda Starkey School of Performing Arts
Ralph "Skip" Swearingen WSU Foundation
Nancy Thompson Office of Human Resources
Mary Townsend Center for Economic Development & Business Research
Doris Wells Office of Purchasing
Riki Wells Financial Operations
Susan Wilcox English
Scott Wituk Center for Community Support & Research

10 years of service

Name Dept.

Rebecca Abraham

Physical Plant Director's Office
Kelly Anderson Dental Hygiene
Brenda Bridgforth University Computing & Telecommunication Services
Brandon Cutler Intercollegiate Athletics
Maureen Dasey-Morales Counseling & Testing Center
Glennis Dodson University Libraries
Amy Drassen Ham Public Health Sciences
Muoi Tran Duong Custodial Maintenance
John Duvall Training & Technology Team
Charles Eaton Training & Technology Team
Mary Faragher School of Nursing
Karen Gillenwater Career Services
Sandra Goldsmith School of Nursing
Stephanie Haynes TRIO Talent Search-Project Discovery
Isabel Hendry Biological Sciences
Enid Howe Undergraduate Admissions
Joseph Hutto University Computing & Telecommunications Services
Kerry Jones English
Michael Jorgensen Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
Jennifer Kassebaum General Counsel and EEO
John Laffen National Institute for Aviation Research - Wind & Water Tunnel
Martha Lewis TRIO Disability Support Services
Craig Lindeman University Relations
Angela Linder Office of Financial Aid
Michael Logue Building Maintenance
Xiufen Lu Philosophy
Robert Markham Building Maintenance
Garret Moyer WSU Police Department
Phu Thi Nguyen Custodial Maintenance
Nicholas Otieno Central Energy Plant
Lisa Parcell Elliott School of Communication
William Parcell Geology
Lucille Portley Orientation
Delinda Royse Campus Life & University Relations
Stacy Salters Alumni Association
Marla Schinstock Office of Financial Aid
Waruna Seneviratne National Institute for Aviation Research - Composites & Structures
Rhea Sewell WSU Foundation
Carolyn Shaw Political Science
Nancy Shear Provost & VP for Academic Affairs & Research
Edward Simpson Building Maintenance
Joan Snodgrass Liberal Arts Advising Center
Anh Quang Tran Curriculum & Instruction
Theresa Turenne International Education
William Vanderburgh Office for Faculty Development & Student Success
Teresa Veazey Ulrich Museum of Art

Five years of service

Name Dept.
Ramazan Asmatulu Mechanical Engineering
Candace Bahner Physical Therapy
Seth Bate Center for Community Support & Research
Lisa Belt Dental Hygiene
Jaouad Benhalima National Institute for Aviation Research - Composites & Structures
Allison Bonitati National Institute for Aviation Research - Composites & Structures
Ann Burger Barton School Student Records & Advising
Sheryl Chapman School of Social Work
Linh Phuong Ngoc Christensen Training & Technology Team
Chien-Hsien Chu National Institute for Aviation Research - Composites & Structures
Terese Conrad Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic
Terri Core School of Nursing
Kathy Coufal Communication Sciences & Disorders
Lynne Davis School of Music
Reitha Deiter Medical Technology
David Downs Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic
Donald Duncan School of Music
Katherine Earles Mathematics & Statistics
Janise Eck Mathematics & Statistics
Elizabeth Ee National Institute for Aviation Research - Composites & Structures
Christina Folkerts School of Nursing
Mustafa Hamdan Mathematics & Statistics
Frances Harris School of Nursing
Shirley Haury University Computing & Telecommunication Services
Robin Henry History
Jack Hoang National Institute for Aviation Research - Shop
Shan Jabara International Education
Melvin Jones University Computing & Telecommunication Services
Jacie Kaufmann Mathematics & Statistics
Kathleen Kramer Health Professions Dean's Office
Kate Kung-McIntyre Barton School Dean's Office
Kevin Langenwalter Chemistry
Daniel Larrea University Computing & Telecommunication Services
Mark Laycock School of Music
Walter Lee National Institute for Aviation Research - Calibrations, Quality & Metrology Lab
Lorraine Madway University Libraries
Gergana Markova Management
Sonia Marquardt Office of Research Administration
Brian Matzen National Institute for Aviation Research - Aging Aircraft Research Lab
Michelle McAdam National Institute for Aviation Research - CAD/CAM
Arif Mosharraf Training & Technology Team
Erick Nilsen National Institute for Aviation Research - Aging Aircraft Research Lab
Shawna Olberding School of Nursing
Upul Palliyaguru National Institute for Aviation Research - Composites & Structures
Bonnie Rogers Psychology
James Rogers University Computing & Telecommunication Services
Chad Sloan Media Resources Center - Video/Satellite Conferences
Helen Slutsky Psychology
Vinsensius Tanoto National Institute for Aviation Research - Composites & Structures
Maria Torres Pillot Medical Technology
Mark Vermillion Sport Management
Chu-Ping Vijverberg Economics
Melissa Walker Hugo Wall School of Urban & Public Affairs
Janette Warne Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic
Candice Weathers Liberal Arts Dean's Office
Karen Wirth School of Nursing
Joseph Yager Center for Urban Studies
Ba Bui Custodial Maintenance
Lua Thi Bui Custodial Maintenance
Brenda Coldiron Financial Operations & business Technology
Augustine Collard Auto Service
Steven Easley Custodial Maintenance
Anita Edwards Custodial Maintenance
Jeffrey Greenway Building Maintenance
Karen Harmon Financial Operations & Business Technology
Matthew Houston Building Maintenance
Cynthia Martin Custodial Maintenance
Ly Nguyen Custodial Maintenance
Amadou Sane Custodial Maintenance
Gary Scott Central Energy Plant
Charles Smith Central Energy Plant
Jessie Young Custodial Maintenance
Andrew Hurt University Relations
Tonya Baldwin Office of Financial Aid
Joseph Donlay Office of Financial Aid
Alma Freeman TRIO Upward Bound/Wichita Prep
Donna Green Rhatigan Student Center
Barth Hague University Relations
Kristina Hahn University Relations
Gina Knauff Stewart Center for Student Leadership
Michael Lacy Rhatigan Student Center
Donna Lamb Alumni Association
Deborah Neill Undergraduate Admissions
Arika Nelson Undergraduate Admissions
Marcia Norton Housing & Residence Life
Tia Owens TRIO Talent Search-Project Discovery
Mario Porras Kansas Kids @ GEAR UP
Jessica Provines Counseling & Testing Center
Juanita Reed Alumni Association
Ambar Roller Rhatigan Student Center
Manivone Souriya TRIO Talent Search-Project Discovery
Shirley Witchey Student Health Services
Valerie Wadsworth Intercollegiate Athletics
Heidi Yost Intercollegiate Athletics
Melaney Arnold WSU Foundation
Natalie Olmsted WSU Foundation
Cathy Shallue WSU Foundation