Wichita State receives and shares consultants study on football

WICHITA, Kan. – Wichita State today (Monday, June 27) received and publicly released a 69-page study from the College Sports Solutions consulting firm about the costs and processes of returning intercollegiate football to Wichita State.

The study begins:

"College Sports Solutions (CSS) was engaged by Wichita State University (WSU) in February of 2016 to conduct a comprehensive benchmarking study to assist WSU in analyzing the feasibility of bringing back the sport of intercollegiate football, a sport discontinued by the University in 1986. Specific focus is placed herein on the financial aspects of such an endeavor, with analysis of estimated revenues and expenses. Also included is a suggested timeline for possible reinstatement of the sport and specific case studies. The analysis addresses possible reinstatement of the sport at both the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) and Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) levels."

Interim Athletic Director Darron Boatright said coming months will be spent analyzing the study and assessing the level of support from students, faculty, staff, alumni and community in bringing football back to Wichita State.

“We are appreciative of College Sports Solutions for working with us and helping us look at ways to improve Wichita State Athletics,” Boatright said. “We are making the results public because we want transparency in this whole process with our fans, supporters, community and student-athletes. We will take into consideration the results of the study and next determine how we want to proceed to keep Wichita State moving forward.”

» Download the full report (pdf file)

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