Student Affairs is involved with all phases of the higher education experience. The process begins with outreach, recruitment and admissions, then follows through the entire academic and campus life experience.

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» Student Affairs Executive Team


Future of Student Affairs


Connecting Every Student


The Division of Student Affairs creates opportunities and experiences that EDUCATE, EQUIP, and EMPOWER students.

Student Affairs Guiding Principles

  • Creating and seizing opportunities
  • Advocating for student success
  • Fostering an inclusive environment by supporting individuals’ identities and experiences
  • Collaborating to serve others
  • Upholding respect and integrity by aligning actions with values
  • Promoting the well-being of the campus community

Goal Areas

Resources focused on student success and retention

  • Enhance and strengthen support services first generation and under-served students
  • Every department has a retention plan

Every student a leadership and/or experiential learning opportunity

  • Each department has a plan for connecting students to leadership, experiential, and applied learning
  • Incorporate StrengthsQuest into the student experience

Collaborative relationships across campus focused on student engagement and success

  • Each department is able to articulate partnerships across campus

Embrace innovation and creativity as tools for evaluating current departments/functions

  • Each department has a plan for evaluation and growth as it pertains to supporting the mission of the University

Create a campus environment that supports the well-being of individuals across their lifespan