My College Money Plan (MCMP)

Learn how to plan effectively for your current and future financial well-being, while enhancing your money management skills with the My College Money Plan online resources. The link below will get you to the My College Money Plan website so you can choose the financial literacy topic that is most relevant to your needs and interests. To receive participation points you must join the WSU-Student Support Services class by entering the Class Code provided by your SSS adviser.

***NOTE: If you created a My College Money Plan student account prior to student email conversion to Outlook, you might experience difficulty logging into your account. Please contact LSTC Coordinator, Nelson Ross for assistance at 316-978-3715.

My College Money Plan (MCMP) Website

My College Money Plan (MCMP) Quizzes

In order to receive credit for completing a financial literacy activity you must complete the on-line module and the corresponding quizzes for each. The links below are quizzes corresponding to the various MCMP modules that are offered. Quizzes should be submitted electronically to the LSTC Coordinator at to document completion.