Dr. Linda F. Rhone

Project Director,

Project Director



Supervises All Components
The SSS Director coordinates collaboration and interaction with the host institution and TRIO projects while promoting a campus environment resulting in multiple opportunities for student learning and continuous improvement of project services. The Director supervises all components to ensure a measurable impact of services. In addition, the Director administers the following: manages the budget for effective fiscal management congruent with institutional computerization in Banner; ensures compliance with EDGAR, TRIO, and Federal Regulations; maintains an internal control system for accountability, measurable results and efficient operational policies; and networks with faculty and administrators while attracting resources to the project for continuous improvements.

Dr. Linda F. Rhone has worked in the field of education for more than three decades. Currently, she is the Director of TRIO Student Support Services at Wichita State University where she is the principal investigator for a $2.5 million federal grant. She manages 15 employees (staff, graduate assistants, and interns), and 250 SSS participants. Rhone is a product of TRIO Student Support Services, historically known as Operation Success. She earned a Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction and the Cultural Foundations of Education at West Virginia University (2008). She studied in residence for a Doctor of Philosophy in the Foundations of Education and Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Kansas. Dr. Rhone also studied in residence for a Doctor of Education in Adult Education at Northern Illinois University.

She has lived and worked in six states (Kansas, Missouri, Texas, California, Wyoming, and West Virginia), as well as attended federal trainings in Honolulu, HI, Atlanta, GA, San Diego, CA, Washington, D.C., and San Antonio, TX. Rhone has worked in the roles of Pre-K/K-12 teacher; private school administrator; social sciences community college instructor; college/university education professor; coordinator of student candidate internship/supervision; lead research assistant for a $1 million federal grant for professional development schools; and grant writer, recipient, and principal investigator for funding $26,500.00+$1,500.00 to create a university and public-school partnership.

She is a frequent presenter at education conferences, including Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed, American Educational Studies Association, and Society of the Philosophy and History of Education. She is the author of Childhood Trauma: A Journey to Wellness-Letters to Irene (October 2022). The purpose of this work is to assist children and adults in facing trauma (anxiety, depression, and fear) and overcoming through education and resilience.

Rhone is the editor of the Hufford Reader (2010). She has published journal articles and numerous book reviews. She has also led five key initiatives in higher education: writing and managing a TRIO Student Support Services Grant to serve first-generation, income-eligible, and/or students of disability status; assigned as lead research assistant for the Professional Development Schools and Critical Multicultural Education federal grant to use PDS as a vehicle to diminish hierarchal relationships (faculty, administration, cooperating teachers, student teachers, and students) and address social justice, diversity, and equity; executed a Service-Learning Partnership to bring preservice teachers and Job Corps students together for one-on-one tutoring and to lessen racial and socioeconomic barriers; founded the Kansas Teacher Inquiry Group (KTIG) – formerly known as the Wichita Teacher Inquiry Group (WTIG), to establish a university and k-12 school district partnership for the purpose of “Lessening Systemic, Structural, Cultural, Direct, and Indirect Forms of Bullying through Cultural Competence.” WTIG was acknowledged in a Senate Resolution No. 1768 in Topeka, Kansas.

As a Social Justice Curriculum Specialist and as Director of a TRIO Student Support Services, Rhone continues to research social justice issues and create learning circles and communities where all learners can be empowered and thrive! Dr. Rhone writes social justice curriculum and teaches graduate courses for teachers at a local private university in Wichita, Kansas. She advocates for the growth mindset. It allows educators and students to address the unknown without fear.

On a personal note, Rhone is thrilled to be able to return home and provide leadership for the program she was once a part of as an undergraduate student.

She enjoys gospel music, jazz, reading, traveling, and spending time with her best friend, her mother, Irene Strong Rhone.