This guide is on submitting a ticket to borrow a cellular mifi device that will provide internet while working remotely.

  • Click Service Requests
  • Click on the form named "Wireless Internet Device for Remote Work".
  • Read the information for the ticket and click Request on the right side.
  • Enter your name as the requestor (this information might be pre-populated) and the department should populate.
  • Please enter a phone number we can reach you at if need be.
  • Short Description and Request Details should pre-populate.
  • If you are entering a request for one device
    • Fill out the box listed
      1. if you do not have a preference for carrier, please enter ANY
      2. Please know we will accomodate as fast as we can replenish stock
    • Click Request
  • If you are entering a request for multiple devices
    • Fill out a spreadsheet with the following headings
      1. Name of user
      2. Preferred carrier (if no preference, please enter ANY)
      3. Prefered pickup date(we will try to accomodate, but are at the mercy of our carriers and their stock)
    • Enter "See spreadsheet" in the form for Mifi Preferred Cellular Carrier and Mifi Pickup Date fields
    • Attach the spreadsheet to the ticket
    • Click Request