Tilford Commission Scavenger Hunt

From April 20th-24th, Human Resources is sponsoring a scavenger hunt to win tickets to the Laverne Cox event on April 29th.

To successfully complete this scavenger hunt you must:

  1. Navigate the Tilford Commission website. Collect the correct answers to all five questions.
  2. Also copy the URL to each page you found the answer. (So, even if you already know the answer, you will still have to hunt for the page it is on!)
  3. Email hrtraining@wichita.edu to submit your answers and URLs associated with each answer.

Tickets are first come, first serve! Once all tickets are given away, the contest will be stopped. This page will be updated once all winners are awarded.

Good Luck! On with the hunt!

Scavenger Hunt Questions

  1. What is the topic of Douglas Crews’ presentation for the Tilford Colloquium?
  2. What is one requirement of a faculty member to be selected as a Tilford Fellow?
  3. If a course is funded by a Tilford Fellowship, what is one learning outcome that should be met?
  4. Complete this sentence: The Commission’s primary goals are to: Increase the understanding and implementation at WSU of current best practices and policies that relate to student admission, retention, and satisfaction as well as ____________________________________.
  5. If you would like to join the Tilford Commission, how do you get started?

Note: WSU Employees eligible only. Only one prize per person.