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Welcome to the Resources section of the Student Activities Council website! Here at SAC we are dedicated to enhancing student life at Wichita State University. SAC has gathered decades of experience and knowledge and we want to share it with you so we can all work together to create great events and opportunities for our fellow students.

In the Resources section you will find several pages of information that will help you plan better events. This information includes: campus resources, SAC resources, event planning strategies, etc. Keep in mind most of this information is relevant to Recognized Student Organizations, WSU Students, or campus departments. Feel free to print off the full versions of any condensed material, or print the entire Event Planning Guide.

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Event Planning
Building Your Members
Office Equipment
Food Service Policy
Poster/Flyer Policy
Numbers to Know

Event Planning

Included in this section are tools designed to help you execute well thought out and planned events.

As you move forward in the event planning process, there are some questions you need to address ranging from Budget and Preparation, to Entertainment and Facility.

The little things make all the difference, and in this document you can see some examples of details that when addressed, make an event wonderful, or when forgotten, make the event a disaster.

Reservations: All student organizations requesting the use of WSU facilities should complete those requests through the appropriate people. Many classrooms and the rooms in the RSC are booked through the RSC Reservations Office. Fine Art Facilities are reserved through Performance Facilities. Rooms in the WSU Hughes Metroplex are booked directly though them.

When planning an event do not assume the location is available. Make the call or email the RSC Reservations Office to reserve your space as soon as possible. Check the WSU events calendar for open locations.


Even the most interesting event needs advertising in order to attract attendees. There are many different ways to inform and encourage your target audience to attend your event, from posters, to community calendars, to mascots. Using the Publicity and Promotions Idea Starter, explore the options available in promoting your events to students, staff, and community members.

Building Your Members

When planning an event it is important to recognize what your members can contribute to the planning process. If you utilize proper delegation and look for ways to get your members involved with the event, both the event and your members will gain a lot.

Delegation is key to accomplishing your goal and to keeping members invested. This means giving your members tasks, rather than doing everything yourself. It not only helps you learn to manage people, but it will give your members more opportunities to learn and grow.

One way to delegate out tasks is to, first, look at what needs to be done for the event, and assigning them based on members' strengths. For instance, if you need a poster created choose a member who is creative. In other instances assigning tasks simply to even out the work load is appropriate also.

Once you have delegated the tasks for your event, you must make sure your members do as they say they will. Holding people accountable for their responsibilities is highly important when building members. It challenges them to stay on task and gives them an invaluable set of skills such as time-management and responsibility. In addition, your members will feel more invested if they truly feel like what they do or don't do matters.

You can keep yourself and your members on task by utilizing a "To Do" list. You may even develop an awards or recognition plan to further encourage member investment.


The Student Activities Council has a co-sponsorship program for aiding student organizations in executing events. This program is a more formal and involved agreement between SAC and your organization. This may include helping setup or publicize the event or even partial funding of the event.

The process begins by an organization filling out and returning the Co-Sponsorship Proposal Form. Then the SAC Executive Board reviews the content and makes a decision. If the proposal is approved negotiations begin, ending in a formal contract between SAC and the organization/department.

A formal co-sponsorship is not required if you simply would like to borrow equipment or work together to get the word out to students. If you would like to request equipment, please fill out and return the Checkout/Loan Agreement form to RSC room RSC Ballroom, 3rd Floor, at least two weeks prior to your event.

You may also contact Student Involvement at 316-978-3022 or by email,, if you have any further questions.

Office Equipment

The Student Activities Council keeps a lot of useful equipment in Student Involvement RSC Ballroom, 3rd Floor, and much of it is available for student organizations or campus departments to borrow. Some of this equipment includes but is not limited to: a large sound system, a portable sound system, microphones and stands, volleyball nets, tiki torches, sandwich boards, and orange traffic cones.

Download and return the Checkout/Loan Agreement form at least two weeks prior to your event in order to allow time for approval. You may also fill out the form in RSC Ballroom, 3rd Floor.

Food Service Policy

For all recognized student organizations, all food services must go through WSU Dining Services. The 2012-2013 Catering guide provides information on pricing, menus, and other details in providing food for your event. Donated food items can be used at University events, but only if donated items are:

View the complete University Food Services Policies

Poster/Flyer Policy

The term "posters" shall refer to any and all temporary informational or promotional communication items such as posters, flyers, banners, announcements, etc.

Placing Posters: Use masking tape or thumb tacks to place posters. Any organizations using staples, glue, or other damaging materials may be charged for repairs or clean-up.

Banners may be tied to the fence around the intramural playfield (Contact the Heskett Center at 978-3082) or to the RSC Balcony (Contact the RSC Reservations Office at 978-3475)

Posters may NOT be placed on any exterior or interior surfaces of buildings (walls, doors, elevators, etc.), sidewalks, utility poles, trees, vehicles, sculptures, traffic signs, pillars, or other similar surfaces.

No chalking campus sidewalks. No yard signs. No paint on any campus surface. No posters larger than 18" x 24".

Note: Non-University posters are only permitted to placed on the 13 concrete kiosks around campus and the appropriately labeled bulletin board in the first floor of the RSC.

View the complete University Poster Policy

Numbers to Know

Campus Police 316.978.3450
Call them for security or as a security resource

Center for Student Leadership 316.978.3022
This office includes a leadership library, has tools to publicize your event, such as a student organization list serve, and is the place to visit to start a new student organization.

Fines Arts Facilities 316.978.3233
Wilner or Miller Auditorium may be used to hold an event

Heskett Center Facility 316.978.3082
Available for renting facilities such as basketball courts.

Housing and Residential Life 316.978.3693
Has resources to publicize events to residence hall students

Media Resource Center 316.978.3575
Rent technological equipment such as a projector and screen

WSU Hughes Metropolitan Complex 316.978.3258
This venue has large and smaller spaces which could be used for an event

Physical Plant 316.978.3444
Contact them for trash cans or access to water. Also can be a resource when hosting outdoor events.

Performance Facilities 316.978.3587
Can provide backstage and technological support in the CAC Theater or other auditoriums

RSC Reservations Office 316.978.3475
Reserve rooms and equipment in the RSC and academic buildings

Student Involvement 316.978.3022
Home of the Student Activities Council

Student Government Association 316.978.3480
Contact SGA to apply for organizational funding

The Sunflower 316.978.3640
Can be contacted to place an ad or generate interest for an event

University Dining Services 316.978.3477
Must be contacted and utilized for all food used at events on campus.Requests can be made to bring outside food in, but need to be approved through the Vice President of Campus Life and University Relations Office.