Locker Room

  1. Personal locks may be used on open lockers but may not be left on lockers overnight.
  2. Suspicious individuals wandering through the locker rooms should be reported to Campus Activities and Recreation staff immediately.
  3. Saunas should be used in moderation. Saunas are not recommended for use by young children (age 12 and under), the elderly or persons with heart disease.
  4. Users must wear shorts or a swimsuit while in the sauna at all times.
  5. Do not put water on the stones in the dry sauna.
  6. PLEASE USE DISCRETION WHEN BRINGING CHILDREN OF THE OPPOSITE SEX INTO THE LOCKER ROOM WITH YOU. Children cannot exceed four (4) years of age. Unisex restrooms by the weight room may be used for changing.
  7. Cell phones and other mobile devices with recording capabilities are not permitted to be used in the locker rooms.
  8. Participants/users are empowered to choose the locker room/bathroom based on their expressed gender identity.