1. Swimmers will only be permitted to enter the natatorium (or use the patio) when there is a lifeguard on duty.
  2. The Emergency Alert System is three short whistle blasts. All patrons must exit
    the pool immediately.
  3. For your health and hygiene, only swim suits may be worn in the pool. No t-shirts, running shorts or cutoffs allowed. To cover the body for medical or religious reasons, please wear shirts or shorts constructed of swim suit material.
  4. A complete head-to-toe shower is required before entering the pool.
  5. Horseplay and exhibitions that could jeopardize personal safety are prohibited.
  6.  Purposeful hyperventilation is prohibited. (Under water for longer than 30 seconds or 25 meters)
  7. No running on deck.
  8. Persons with open sores or contagious infections, such as poison ivy, athletes foot, impetigo and ringworm, are not permitted in the pool (please see a lifeguard if you have questions). Band-aids are not allowed in the pool. If the wound is open enough to require a band-aid, please do not swim.
  9. Children 7 years and under must be accompanied by a parent. Children 8 years and older (at least 48” tall) may enter the pool without parents if they can pass a swim test administered by a lifeguard. Parents must stay in the building.
  10. Parents must be in the water and within arm’s reach of children who cannot swim. Infants and toddlers who are not potty trained must wear a swim suit over a swim diaper. Disposable diapers or heavy cloth diapers are not allowed.
  11. Please check with the lifeguard if bringing in flotation devices for your child(ren).
  12. Only individuals who can pass a swim test are allowed to use the diving well.
  13. Diving is permitted only in the diving well. Back dives and somersaults from the edge of the diving well wall are not permitted.
  14. Training equipment is not permitted in the diving well except for water exercise
    led by an instructor.
  15. No spitting, spouting or nose blowing in the pool.
  16. Anyone using the sun deck must take a shower before entering the water.
  17. We are not responsible for any lost jewelry in the pool.
  18. Only lessons registered through the Campus Activities and Recreation program are permitted
    in the Natatorium.
  19. Starting blocks are for the sole use of approved groups with a certified coach on deck.

Appropriate Attire and Inappropriate Attire for the natatorium

Only members who swim sufficiently may use the diving well. If a lifeguard determines an individual is unable to swim sufficiently the lifeguard has the right and responsibility to move the member to the recreational swim area. This information will be stated in all rental agreements and may be verbalized at the start of each rental.

Diving Board Usage rules:

  1. One person on the board at a time (next person must wait on the floor). 
  2. Only one bounce on the board is allowed. 
  3. Go straight off the end of the board. 
  4. Running on the board is not allowed. 
  5. Immediately swim directly under the rope or the nearest side of the pool.
  6.  Cartwheels, sitting on the edge and handstands are prohibited. 
  7. Diving for distance is not allowed.
  8. Goggles are not allowed when diving from the board (possible eye injury).

Other information:

  • Please be aware that for safety purposes, lifeguards may clear the pool for a 10-minute break in the middle of the rental.