Net Preference Hours


Wichita State University students, Campus Recreation members, and guests can use the main gymnasium for informal recreational sports activities. 

Activities Permitted in the gym

  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Volleyball
  • Futsal
  • Frisbee

Activities NOT permitted in the gym

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Softball


Monday - Friday
7 a.m.–6 p.m. / Open track

  • During the collegiate track and field season (October – April) the track will be closed from 1-5 p.m.

6–8 p.m. / Limited use of the track

  • Basketball and volleyball games have preference over other sports in this area of the gym during this time.
  • Anyone using the track must not interfere with activities happening on courts A&E (walkers/runners must not walk/run through the playing area).

Saturday & Sunday
1–5:45 p.m. / Open track

Court preferences

Intramural League sports have preference on gym courts. Any available court will be used for basketball and badminton depending on availability.

Monday-Friday (1–5 p.m.)

  • Court. A: volleyball (after 6 p.m., MTTHF) and basketball (after 6:00pm, TH)
  • Court. B: badminton
  • Court. C: futsal (MW), basketball (TF), and volleyball (TH)
  • Court. D: full court basketball
  • Court. E: basketball (after 6 p.m.)

Volleyball and futsal courts will be set up if participants are present and ready to play. Badminton, volleyball, and futsal can also be set up during non-peak hours if court space is available. During court preference hours, participants playing different sports will be asked by staff to move from designated courts. Basketball has preference on court C if futsal and volleyball participants are not present for their designated day.