Wichita State University's
Career Development Center

Mission Statement

The Career Development Center empowers, educates and serves individuals, leading them to lifelong career success.

Vision Statement

Wichita State University’s Career Development Center is valued as a leader in engaging and equipping individuals to identify and transform their passions, education and talents to find the unique intersection between themselves and where they fit in the world of work.


  1. Establish connections with strategic University stakeholders, including the Innovation Campus, for the purpose of creating collaborative initiatives serving students.
  2. Provide timely, accurate, consistent and meaningful data supporting career development programming to our stakeholders.
  3. Provide quality programming and services with opportunities for individuals to demonstrate in different ways what they know, understand and can do at different points of their learning cycles.
  4. Develop and maintain an environment that provides quality, academic-focused internships and cooperative education opportunities for current, qualified WSU students.
  5. Provide valuable and innovative student and employer interactions at every stage of a student’s college career and beyond.
  6. Strategically communicate, market and promote its programs and services to its stakeholders.
  7. Serve as the catalyst in promoting a college through career culture at Wichita State University.
  8. Establish a high-functioning team by hiring, supporting and developing talented, professional, visionary staff focused on meeting the University’s vision, mission, competencies and Career Development Center’s vision and mission.