These employers will be present to speak to students at the On-Campus Job Fair, Wednesday, July 25, 1 - 3 p.m., RSC 3rd Floor.

Departments looking to register, please contact Lori Godderz at by Friday, July 20.
Students Hired
Funding for Positions
(Work-Study or Regular)
Type of Positions
Ablah Library 7   Student Assistant, Graduate Assistant
Athletics Marketing & Sports Information 8+ TBD Student Assistant, Intern
Campus Recreation 10 Both Front Line Student Staff, Lifeguard, Referee
Career Development Center 4 Both Student Peer Advisor
Center for Management Development 1 Regular Student Assistant
Child Development Center 10 - 12 Regular Teacher Assistant
College of Fine Arts Advising Center 2 Both Student Assistant
Community Engagement Institute 2 Regular Student Assistant
Ennovar 5 Both Student Assistant, Graduate Assistant
International Education 2 Regular Student Assistant
KMUW 1 Regular Student Assistant
Media Resources Center 3 Both Student Technician
Office of Admissions 10 Both Student Assistant
Office of Adult Learning 2 Both Student Assistant
Performance Facilities Varies dependent on availability Both Student Assistant
President's Office 1 - 2 Regular Student Assistant
School of Nursing 1 Work Study Student Assistant
Student Involvement 1 - 2 Work-Study Preferred Student Assistant
Student Success 10 Both Supplemental Instruction Leader, Tutor, Success Coach
Student Support Services 3 Both Tutor
Training and Technology Team 3 Both Student Assistant, Graduate Assistant
TRIO Disability Support Services 6 Both Tutor
TRIO / EOC Program 2 Regular Intern
TRIO Talent Search 5 - 8 Both Student Assistant, Tutor
Ulrich Museum of Art 5 Both Student Assistant
Upward Bound Empowerment 20 Tutor Tutoring
Virtual Engineering Lab 4 Work-Study Student Assistant, Graduate Assistant
WPCE 3 Regular Student Assistant
WSU Dining 30 Regular Food Service, Cashier, Cook, Utility
WSU Foundation 10 Both Student Caller
WSU South & WSU Haysville   Work-Study Student Assistant