Career Development Guide for High School Students

High school is one of the most exciting and challenging times to make education and career choices. You will be making decisions that will impact the rest of your life.

Visiting the Career Development Center for career testing and coaching will help you make the best career choices and build a strong foundation for the rest of your life.

Having the most up-to-date career information, support and guidance by an experienced professional can turn a stressful time into a very positive experience.

Follow this career guide to build the right habits and skills for a lifetime of professional success.


High School Junior / Senior
It is never to early to start thinking about your future career. Follow these steps to start preparing.

  • Get involved in your school and the community. Learn where your interests, talents and skills are strongest.
  • Create a list of your involvements, for example: clubs, church or civic groups, athletics and jobs. This will form the foundation of your resume.
  • Talk to people about their careers – teachers, school counselors, parents, friends of parents, parents of friends, neighbors and acquaintances. Ask what they do and what they like most.
  • Explore and apply for college.

Self-Assessment and Career Options

Freshman / Sophomore
Your first step is to learn more about yourself and your interests with the ultimate goal of selecting a major and career.

  • Develop clear career goals through discussion and assessments. Choose the right major and future career path that you are passionate about.
  • Find mentors through our office in your field of interest and get firsthand knowledge of your career of industry.
  • Attend employer informational events and panels and learn what exciting employment opportunities are available.

Career Work Experience

Sophomore / Junior / Senior
In this highly competitive world, it is essential that you gain real-world career experience before you graduate.

  • Check-out career options for your major and gain real-world career experience through a cooperative education and/or internship position. Through these experiences you will not only gain work experience but also test career options and build a professional network.
  • Attend career development workshops on resume development, networking skills, cooperative education and internship search techniques, career mentoring, informational interviews, workplace etiquette, leadership skills and transferable skills.
  • Get noticed by professionals by building a top-notch resume.
  • Gain access to top-level employers at career fairs and other employer outreach events.

Job Search

You are close to graduation. Now is the time to begin your search for full-time, post-graduation employment.

  • Take part in workshops designed specifically for graduating seniors on topics like exploring and applying to graduate schools, job search techniques, LinkedIn, marketing your resume and successful interview practices.
  • Schedule a mock interview and perfect your technique while gaining valuable feedback and coaching on your performance.