Broadcasting like Batman


Kaisha Batman, a sophomore studying communication with an emphasis in journalism, recently interned at KAKE-TV. Working here, she saw news stories blossom from a mere idea pitched at the morning editorial meeting to a full segment airing on the news later that day.

Batman didn't just watch these stories take shape, she accompanied reporters in the field, covering stories, interviewing subjects, and shooting video that was used for each. She then helped put the story packet together and prepare it for broadcast.

“Throughout this internship, I have learned more than I could have ever imagined I would. I’ve gotten the chance to anchor and work on my television skills, as well as film video,” she said.

Batman even got the opportunity to work with Crime Reporter Lily Wu, covering a story on a child abuse case that she says was by far the most eye-opening experience she’s had in her career.

“I got to see what it was like to report on a story that is extremely sensitive and hard-hitting. It was a real-life scenario that offered experience that I couldn't have gained in a classroom, or anywhere else for that matter.”

On top of helping her gain much needed experience in her field, this internship has opened Batman’s eyes when it comes to broadcast journalism.

“I believe this internship will continue to help me, even after graduation. If I had the choice, I would do it over again in a heartbeat. It has been an unforgettable semester,” she exclaimed.

She also advises others to take advantage of internships throughout their time in college.

“If you have a chance to intern, take the opportunity. It is a smart way to get a glimpse into your future. My internship has excited me even more to be in my field of study and has shown me different routes that I can take with my career.”


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