Recruiting Fellow Shockers


Courtney Carlin, a 2018 WSU graduate who majored in Human Resources and Entrepreneurship, recently came back to her alma mater to recruit other Shockers at Biz Fest. Working at Fidelity Bank as an HR Administrative Assistant, Carlin is a fantastic example of how being involved on and off campus can open the door to amazing opportunities.

Before graduating and landing her current job at Fidelity, Carlin served as the Events Committee Chair within the Barton School Dean’s Ambassadors. Through her campus connections, including Professional Edge, the Graduate School, and the Career Development Center, many people were eager to help Carlin when she expressed a desire to intern in her field of study. These invaluable connections led to an internship at Wescon Controls.

“Interning at Wescon Controls was perfect for me. I did not have experience working with HR professionals outside of class. So, this was perfect for me to apply the knowledge I gained in class to this internship.”

Along with gaining hands-on experience in an environment that helped Carlin thrive as a student and HR professional, connections she made at this position also led to finding full-time employment at Fidelity Bank after graduation – something she’s very grateful for in the current competitive job market.

“I am so thankful and amazed with how much WSU and my former bosses have helped me with my job searching,” Carlin gushed. “I love where I work and what I do now.”

She advises other Shockers to also become involved to make similar connections as her, whether that be simply talking to a professor and asking questions or joining a student group.

“My advice for students is to be involved on campus,” Carlin says. “It’s very important to make connections and network with others. For me, joining groups and organizations as well as talking with WSU faculty helped me tremendously with landing my internship and job. You never know where those connections might lead you.”

For more information about co-ops and internships, contact the Career Development Center at (316) 978-3688, or stop by and see us in Brennan III or our satellite offices in CE 258, CH Lobby, and P2 A128