Furnishing a future


Ana Rodriguez is a senior marketing major at Wichita State University. She is currently participating in an internship program as a sales representative with Wichita Furniture.

Her one-on-one contact with customers has helped Rodriguez build confidence marketing and selling products as well as allowed her to implement strategies and methods learned in her classes to make the sale.

“I know that this internship has molded me into the salesperson I am today and I’m very thankful for that,” she says of her experience.

“I have built relationships that I know will be great references for future jobs. I have also bettered my Spanish skills and learned how to adapt to different selling techniques throughout my time at Wichita Furniture.”

Rodriguez is thankful for this experience and knows it will be very helpful once she graduates.

“I know I have the confidence to achieve any task I set my mind to because working here has given me courage and strength to be assertive and kind at the same time.”

For those looking to pursue her same field, Rodriguez says, “Marketing is for people who love people. If you find yourself talking to strangers for fun or get a rush from helping people, I would recommend this field. It is for people who are open-minded risk-takers.”


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