Coding for custard


Enrique Rodriguez is a senior computer science major currently working as an
IT Support Intern at Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers®. He works with a
small team to code custom websites for the corporate office. Rodriguez’s time
at Freddy’s has helped him grow as a developer and student.

“My skills in web and database development have increased immensely thanks
to this position. It has also helped me improve my planning and organizational

While interning along with finishing his degree, Rodriguez has experienced
first-hand the modern workplace, sometimes working from home or at the
university between classes.

“In this position, especially as a student finishing my degree, I have had to adapt
to changing schedules and shifting deadlines. I believe that being mobile and
adaptable is the future of the workplace,” he said.

Getting hands-on experience at Freddy’s has helped Rodriguez gain confidence
in his abilities that he will take with him once he graduates.

“This experience has taught me how to approach a real-world problem and
design and develop a comprehensive solution. When users interact with my
programs, I receive great feedback which helps build my confidence in my skill.
This confidence is invaluable when seeking out new opportunities in my
software development career,” he stated.

While he is interested in working for a video game publisher after completing
his degree, Rodriguez has learned the importance of getting experience in his
field of study.

“Working for Freddy’s has shown me that there is opportunity in every industry
to improve with technology, especially software development, which is the heart
of that technology.”


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