Experiencing a start-up


With a master's degree in Computer Networking and a Bachelor in Business Administration degree already to his name, Santiago Vera Torres is now pursuing an MBA through Wichita State University. Throughout his first year in the program, Vera Torres is participating in an internship at Ulterius Technologies.

While performing duties as a Customer Relations Technical Support Representative, he has developed many skills that will help him in any profession. "I have learned to work in a team and how to work on a project with deadlines. Working at Ulterius has shown me how diversity on a team drives better solutions," said Vera Torres.

Gaining experience at a tech start-up has broadened his horizons and aided Vera Torres in building confidence working in an environment he was not very familiar with at first. "I've had other jobs, but never in this kind of organization," he stated. "It has been great to have this experience in order to grow in my career."

Working at Ulterius Technologies has also helped him to make many professional contacts. "I have met wonderful people in and outside of the company in tech and other industries," he said. "This experience has been extremely valuable in helping me make connections that could lead to full time employment in the future. With these connections, I'm helping position myself, as well as Ulterius, for growth in Wichita."

Although he already has two degrees, Vera Torres knows that taking advantage of internship opportunities such as this is extremely vital to success in his field. "Build your network before even finishing college and gain experience in the industry, because employers are always looking to hire candidates with prior experience."


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