Reporting for the Redskins

Grant Cohen’s summer leading into his senior year has been one for the books. Studying communications with an emphasis in journalism and minor in sport management, Cohen dreams of a career in the professional sports world after graduation. He is currently following those dreams by interning with the Washington Redskins.

Interviewing players, coaches, and other team personnel, Cohen creates content for the NFL team’s website to keep fans up to date on what their favorite players are currently doing to prepare for next season as well as writing for the team’s yearbook. Not only does attending team training and events gain Grant inside access to talented athletes, it also means he’s surrounded by some of the best sports reporters there are – which offers quite the learning experience in itself.

“When you’re sitting right next to the Washington Post or USA Today, you want your questions to be great and seeing what national reporters ask in a large media setting has made my interviewing skills sharper,” he says.

Just as with the people he’s met and stories he’s gotten the opportunity to report on, Cohen is extremely grateful and in awe of the mentors and community members he has had the chance to interact with throughout this journey and the reach he’s been able to receive with the Redskins’ more than one million social media followers.

“I’ve gotten a number of direct messages from followers who enjoyed my work and even fellow reporters that have mentioned their appreciation of my writing. That in itself has given me a huge confidence boost,” said Cohen. “I’m grateful the organization took a chance on me and has seen potential in me to be great in this business.”

Cohen’s internship has given him experience outside of the classroom that he recommends to all other students in the same field.

“This internship makes my resume shine a lot brighter,” he proclaimed. “It has helped me build solid connections and separates myself from students I’ll be competing for jobs with.”

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