Peer Advisors Boost Productivity


Peer Advisors

As ambassadors for the Career Development Center, our Shocker Career Peer Advisors perform tasks on a daily basis that not only contribute to other students’ success, but to their own as well. Peer Advisors assist their fellow Shockers by conducting mock interviews, assisting with resume and cover letter creation, and helping currently enrolled students utilize the Handshake database. They also assist our staff by collaborating on projects and writing monthly blog posts as well as offering priceless promotion and representation of the Career Development Center to their peers on and off campus.

Hanna Hoopes, a freshman Peer Advisor and member of the Student Activities Council, recognizes the importance of her job and the skills she is learning that will be useful in her future career as a Physician Assistant.

“I’ve learned how to communicate with peers of all ages, as well as employers, through working at the Career Development Center,” she said. “This job is really preparing me for my future of dealing with customers and patients on a daily basis.”

Utilizing student peer advisors has been vital to our office’s success. We appreciate all that they do for us as well as the opportunity we get to watch them grow and help them develop their own career competencies along the way.

“I feel as though I am now an expert in the competencies that we impart to make a student career ready,” Peer Advisor Christine Robinson validates. “I apply what I have learned in the office to my studies as well as in the professional world.”

Helping them grow as ambassadors and professionals as well as students is a main goal we have for our Shocker Career Peer Advisors. The opportunity we have to utilize their relationships with their peers as well as their skills as professionals growing in the work force is what makes student employees irreplaceable members of our team.


For career help, contact the Career Development Center at (316) 978-3688, or stop by and see us in Brennan III or our satellite offices in CE 258, CH Lobby, and P2 A128