Picking Your Ideal Major

At Wichita State, we understand that deciding on a major isn't always easy — and sometimes it’s downright hard. That’s why we provide every student with the perfect environment to explore their interests, discover their options and create a blueprint for success. To get the ball rolling in your search for the right major (and dream career), just follow these four easy steps.

  1. Connect with the Career Development Center. We are a full-service career center with skilled staff who are ready to work with you regarding your career questions and needs. Call (316) 978-3688 or email careerdevelopment@wichita.edu to get connected with us.
  2. Meet with a career counselor. Discuss your concerns and questions and determine what steps to take in helping you gain more information about majors you are interested in (or even help you find majors you are interested in!). This step could include directing you to various career resources, brainstorming career ideas, taking assessments or just listening. Career assessments can be a valuable tool in your career development. Our assessments help you learn more about your interests and values and show you how your interests and personality fit with different careers. After your appointment, visit the What Can I Do With This Major? website to gain more insight.
  3. Validate your major choice. Take classes in your major and attend Career Development Center events! At our events, you can meet employers through: Lunch and Learns, Industry Tours, College Through Career Workshops, Career Fairs and more! By meeting and talking with employers, you can begin to get a sense of what types of careers your major will lead you to.
  4. Test drive your major choice by participating in an apprenticeship or a cooperative education or internship position. Get a taste of what life will really be like after college when you are working in the real world. By working in your major career field, you will be able see if this major is really right for you! If it is not, there is still plenty of time to change your major before graduation day. Plus, with real-world work experience, you can increase your chances of landing a job after graduation, all while building your collegiate resume by earning a paycheck, developing future contacts and improving your job search and interview skills.

Career Counseling

The WSU Career Development Center is an excellent resource for those exploring different career paths. Give us call and set up an appointment today at (316) 978-3688.

Career counseling is a one-on-one meeting to explore your career-related interests, skills and values, and to discuss your academic and career options. Your counselor listens, asks questions to understand your situation, and provides information and resources to help you meet your goals.

Some of our career counseling appointment topics include:

  • Choosing a major
  • Identifying interests, skills, values, character traits
  • Generating career options based on interests or degrees
  • Finding resources for interest areas, including talking to people in the field
  • Job search guidance


Assessments are an optional part of career counseling. They can enrich the conversation with a counselor, providing concrete results to discuss. Assessments have an additional cost (see below).

We offer the following assessments in the office. Talk to a career counselor to find out which one suits you.

  • Vista Cards - Card sort that ranks values, traits, interests, skills and provides you with a Holland code that matches you with career titles (free)
  • Strong Interest Inventory - Compares your interests and skills with various occupations ($15)
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Finds your four-letter personality type and matches it to work roles ($15)
  • StrengthsFinder - Teaches you about your top five talents and how to develop them into strengths ($15)