1) Guarantee an applied learning or research experience for every student by each academic program.
Provide an environment for students to meet their academic goals in their academic curriculum.
1. Forge a relationship between the Child Development Center and other Departments on Campus to help WSU students with their academia.
2. Continue to build a partnership with the Early Childhood Education Department to ensure experiential learning during the 2018-2019 school year.

2) Capitalize systematically on relevant existing and emerging societal and economic trends that increase quality educational opportunities.
Ensure returning students the opportunity to invest in their child’s future in an exceptional Early Childhood educational program while building their own.
1. Update our program technology to incorporate the latest societal trends in Early Childhood Education during the 2018-2019 school year.

3) Accelerate the discovery, creation and transfer of new knowledge.
Engage with any research based project that advances the knowledge of early childhood education or young children.
1. Continue to collaborate with the academic departments on campus on research projects that involve children birth-age 6.

4) Be a campus that reflects-in staff, faculty and students-the evolving diversity of society.
Provide diversity training for staff and students who currently are part of the Child Development Center.
1. Partner with Human Resource office and the Office of Multicultural Affairs on diversity training once an academic year.