"The task of finding a quality child care that leaves you feeling confident your little one is in a safe, nurturing environment can sometimes feel like you’re looking for something that doesn't exist. That is, until you tour WSU’s Child Development Center.

Our son's physical and social development has advanced immensely while in their care. They have shown tremendous patience with us, and have partnered with us in the raising of our son. The CDC has become an extension of our family.

Their facility is incredibly clean, the food is healthy and nutritious, the activities are educational and fun, and they have a massive outdoor learning space so the kids get plenty of exercise. The teachers communicate constantly with parents so you always know the progress of your child. The CDC truly is a “Child Development Center”, not just a daycare.

We can't say enough good things about the CDC! If you are fortunate to find a space available at WSU’s CDC, don't pass it up."

-- Amanda and Brice Schmits

"We feel so very lucky to be a part of the WSU CDC. Our oldest son started at the CDC when he was 2 years old and our youngest started in the baby room when he was 7 months old. We were very nervous about starting our boys in childcare as they had stayed at home since the time they were born. To leave your child in someone else’s hands can be such a scary and sad thing for a parent. This is not the case when we leave our boys at the CDC. They love it! Their day is filled with laughter, fun, creativity, structure, friends, learning and love. Everything about the CDC shows us how our children are the main priority for everyone from the TA’s to the Director. The love and attention the Teachers and TA’s give to both of our sons is so special. We truly feel so much love for our children at the CDC. To be able to work and provide for your family while your children are at a place they are loved and happy is such a blessing. We are grateful for the CDC every day!"

-- Christine and Tyson Porter

"Ms. Tiffany and her TA’s truly love our son, Quentin. There is never a doubt in my mind that he is safe and secure and happy at the CDC. We did a LOT of searching and touring before choosing childcare. A few of the things that set CDC apart for us were the academic curriculum, the security of the facility, and the strong communication between parents and teachers.

It isn't easy to be away from our son all day but getting a photo of him or an email talking about what he did that day is so wonderful. I love staying connected in that way and I LOVE getting to go on field trips with his class. Also, Ms. Tiffany and her team are really supportive and communicative. They are so mature and kind and just really wonderful people to have around our son.

I would say the strongest thing about the CDC is that if I ever did have any criticisms or problems that I would have no problem mentioning it to his teacher. I feel so involved in his world at the CDC and that was the BIGGEST thing I was looking for in a childcare center. I wanted somewhere that I could keep up with what he does all day and that I could ask questions and feel like his teachers are my friends. And that is EXACTLY what we get from the CDC.”

-- Jessica and Jaime Newman

"When the word 'busy' is used to describe our two boys, it's an understatement. They are both extremely curious and always on the move. The CDC is constantly providing them with new, engaging and enriching ways to learn, while providing a healthy balance of play and fun. The programs are such a benefit to the boys; from Exploration Place visits and STEM incorporation, to the outdoor classrooms and literacy activities, we always feel so fortunate to have the boys exposed to so much at such early ages.

The Teacher Assistants are full of energy and are always playing with and interacting with the children. It truly feels like they love their jobs and love being there with our children. The Lead Teachers have been a great resource for us, not just as an educational provider but also in areas of development and parenting.

Communication and consistency are unmatched when compared to other child care facilities. We love the opportunities for parents and family members to be involved. We feel extremely blessed to have our boys growing and learning at the WSU Child Development Center."

-- Gina and Adam Stewart

"We’ve had very positive experiences with the CDC all around, from the administration to the teaching assistants. The center is run in an organized and transparent way. The programs it offers—from Kids Night Out to literacy events and Carnival—are fun, educational and responsive to the needs of working parents. The administration also is proactive in soliciting feedback from parents: Jillian reaches out to us every few months to ask about our experiences with teachers and to ensure we feel that our son’s needs are being met. At each stage of our son’s development, his teachers have taken his intellectual, emotional and physical growth seriously, and have sought creative ways to encourage new skills. All of the staff members are warm and patient, and they seem to get to know each child as an individual. They’ve even gotten to know our school-age son and have been really good at making our whole family feel like part of the CDC community."

-- Jean Griffith and Ross Haskell

"As first-time parents, we were nervous about selecting a school that would provide the highest level of care for our daughter. We heard so many good things about the CDC from other parents and, after visiting, decided this was the place for us.

Our daughter quickly adjusted and when we dropped her off in the mornings, her face would light up when she saw the teachers. She would cry when we picked her up, because she wouldn't want to leave. The staff has been really inviting and great about including us in activities and communication. The care and education she is receiving is top notch. We couldn't be more pleased with our decision to send Ellery to the CDC. We highly recommend all parents to consider the CDC."

-- Bobby and Trish Gandu

"My son has been attending the Wichita State University Child Development Center for the last two years and I cannot rave enough about our experience. Each time he enters a new classroom, we complete an in-depth interview about his progress and personality. I have always felt like my concerns were heard and addressed and my son has been treated like an individual with legitimate needs, wants and struggles. I have watched him blossom from a shy introvert who was afraid to participate in group activities to an active, outgoing, enthusiastic little boy who has friends and loves the hands-on learning opportunities in his class. His confidence has grown and he is challenged daily both intellectually and socially. Additionally, the homework and show-and-share in Mrs. Ashley's room will prepare him for kindergarten in a way I could not have anticipated. We receive lesson plans and a newsletter each week so I always know what he's working on and what I can reinforce at home.

The really special thing about the WSU CDC is the people. The teachers and TA's truly love children and it shows. We are always greeted by name and Jacob knows everyone there including Mrs. Jill and Mrs. Amy who are wonderful to work with. I am so thrilled we found the WSU CDC and will be sad to go when he moves on to kindergarten in August."

-- Monique Richardson

"After touring several daycare options. The CDC was by far the best option for us. Not only is it efficiently run, clean and well organized, the staff is exceptional and are genuinely excited to care for the children. Toys are at children’s level so that they can reach them. The center is also extremely welcoming and every staff member knows our daughter and she feels at home.

The environment the children learn in is not too structured and the outdoor spaces are awesome. We appreciate that our daughter can spend so much time outside just being a kid. The staff is also very helpful to us as new parents. We have asked our child’s teacher for advice at every developmental stage. Not only has our daughter thrived and learned here, we have grown as parents as well."

-- Joey and Eric Fonkert

"Our daughter started in the infant room when she was three months old. She has grown to be a very energetic and active child now. We strongly believe that CDC had a big role in her progress. The teachers and their assistants give individual and personalized attention to every child, despite being in a very demanding position with many responsibilities. They keep us well informed about her daily routine and classroom activities. We are timely made aware of our daughter's achievements and her next milestones. Our daughter really enjoys the time she spends in the classroom with her friends and teachers. We found the school environment to be very accessible, accommodating, welcoming and warm. We have also enjoyed many activities that were organized by CDC where the parents get to spend time with their children and with other parents, such as Summer Picnic, Pumpkin Decorating, Fall Parade, Turkey Lunch, Cookie Decorating and the Zoo Trip. CDC has exceeded our expectations. We thank them for taking a good care of our little one. We find the school a home away from home."

-- Huzefa and Shehnaaz Kagdi

"One of the first big decisions we had to make after we found out we were expecting was where we would go for daycare. After visiting several options we found the WSU Child Development Center!

We have now been at the center for almost 8 years with 2 kids and we couldn't be happier. The center has provided our children with amazing opportunities to play, learn and grow. They are great kids that are more than prepared for school.

The teachers, TA’s and administration have become a part of our family. You can tell that it is more than just a job for the teachers, they genuinely care about the kids.

We have referred friends and family to the CDC and would not hesitate to do it again.

We are sad that our time at the CDC is almost over, but we know that they have helped provide a wonderful start for both of our children."

-- Noel and Misha Anderson

"We have been with the Wichita State University Child Development Center for about 4 years, and we have 2 children who attend. It's a great place to have your child attend. The staff is great, caring, and professional starting from the teacher assistants up to the director. Our issues have been addressed quickly when they arise. They have also brought issues to our attention with plans to address such issues. Our children are greeted with hugs and love and they reciprocate that which is the best evaluation. The staff makes us feel as if our children are the most liked."

-- Sonia and John Slaba

"My name is Lindsey Ney and I have been working at the CDC for 5 years. I have been around children since I was born because my mom has her own at home daycare, so when I came to college at WSU I knew it would be a great place to work. There's something about the happiness from the staff, to the kids, and the parents that makes the center such a great place not only to work, but also as a family environment. I love going to work every day, and not many people can say that!! I recommend the CDC to anyone that is going into a like field, or even just looking for a child development center for their child, it truly is a great place to grow and learn. I couldn't imagine working anywhere else through my college years and have met some of the greatest friends and families!

-- Lindsey Ney

"Having the opportunity to work at the WSU Child Development Center for the last 4 years has been an incredible experience. I absolutely love watching the kids grow as they get older and move from one room to the next, reaching milestone after milestone. The staff at the CDC does a tremendous job interacting with the kids and you can tell on the faces of every child just how much they truly enjoy their time at school. I have built relationships with the children, their families, and my coworkers that will last me a lifetime. During my third year at the center I got very sick from a brain infection resulting in emergency surgery. While I was in the hospital and during my recovery process I received an abundance amount of support through visits, cards, flowers, texts, and phone calls from my past and current coworkers and families at the CDC. It was after seeing how much support I had that I realized just how many lives I had touched at the CDC along with how much they had become more like family to me rather than it just being my job. I would highly recommend the WSU Child Development Center to everyone!"

-- Melissa Weber

"We have been taking our daughter to the CDC for almost 3 years. As we now prepare to move into kindergarten we are going to miss the CDC very much. The quality of their staff the activities and overall environment is something that is hard to find. Our daughter has been able to do very well for kindergarten placement evaluations, with a great foundation from all the hard work from the staff at CDC. During our kindergarten search, other institutions recognized the CDC as one of the best in Wichita. It made us very proud that we made the right decision.

I first heard of the CDC during my colleague years at WSU. Some years later after that a coworker used to tell me really good and fun stories from activities involved with the CDC. Those stories resonated with me 6 years later when we were ready to find childcare. That just tells me that all these years they have been doing something very well. Our daughter loves all the day to day activities, she looks forward to to PJ Fridays, or she loves coming home to do her "homework" during this last year. When we pick her up, she had always made some sort of craft or painting to share with us. We can really see the difference on the way her skills developed quicker than the daycare she was at previously while we waited for a spot at the CDC.

There is so much to say about the CDC, their security, the facilities, etc. We are now expecting our second child and we already know where she/he will be going to. We are blessed with having an institution that we can trust so much with our little ones."

-- Ivan and Halie Quiroz

"As a single mother, going back to school was a terrifying and life changing choice. The safety and happiness of my young son was my top priority. When I went to our first interview with his teacher, Miss Carol, all my fears were put to rest immediately. The CDC at WSU has been an integral part in my son's learning. He is treated like family and has the stability he needs to promote continued education in the future. The center has amazing people who greet us each day as if we are a member of their family. I believe fully that children learn by playing and interacting with their environment and the CDC allows just that! I am always so amazed to hear what they do each day, which is sent to me via email while I'm off earning my education. That is such a relief for me, to know that he is engaged, happy, and learning life skills!

Before the CDC my son always stayed with family and was plopped in front of a television each day. I can't imagine going back to that now, as he blossoms into a beautiful human with help from the CDC. Another thing I really enjoy is the center's community engagement. Landon is able to go to several places with the center and get that hands-on experience that children really need to thrive! This center has really been a pivotal point in my education. I could not have been able continue without their support and care. The staff and Teaching Assistants are top notch and it honestly feels like Landon is a little member of their community. I'm so proud of how far he's come with help from the center."

-- Kaitlin Heaton

"My name is Adrienne Hock. I am a senior at WSU studying Speech-Language Pathology. I have worked as a Teacher Assistant at the WSU Child Development Center for over a year and cannot imagine a better environment to work with children. The CDC is a very special facility, particularly because of its dedication to practicing Conscious Discipline. This concept is used to facilitate positive interactions with the children by offering choices instead of making demands, and using language that is centered on kindness and patience. I will carry this practice into my future career as a speech therapist.

I have also had the opportunity to work with incredible Lead Teachers. I have benefited from their knowledge of early child development and their examples of love and dedication to the children. It is a joy to work with these professionals and the children that we are here for. It is an experience that I will always cherish."

-- Adrienne Hock

"When I took my first-born child to the Child Development Center at just 6 months old, I was very nervous. Would she miss us? Would she be scared? I never could have imagined the experience we would have. The way in which her teachers cared for her was amazing. My daughter learned and thrived so much at the CDC – and I learned and thrived as a first-time parent; I could always ask her teachers for advice on how to handle situations with my baby as they arose. To this day, I remain great friends with my daughter’s first teachers. Fast-forward a few years, and I now have my second child at the CDC. She started there when she was older, and I am just as pleased as I was before with the quality of care she receives. All the teachers I’ve encountered over the past six years at the CDC genuinely love working with small children and teaching them to be kind, independent and well-prepared individuals. I couldn't be any happier with my children’s experience at the Child Development Center, and I will be incredibly sad when my eldest graduates and moves on to kindergarten."

-- Lainie Mazzullo

"When I began my college studies at Wichita State in the Fall of 2005 as a Freshman right out of high school, I was not for sure what path life was going to take me. I applied and was given the opportunity to try out my teaching skills at the Wichita State Child Development Center. This moment is when I discovered my love for teaching. The staff at this facility guided, trained and encouraged me to reach my goals and strive for more. This moment is what prompted my love for the career. Although I only spent a few months at this facility, it helped to get me to where I am today.

After getting married and having a child of my own, we needed to look for daycare. Choosing a daycare to take your child to can become a cumbersome research project. Is it SAFE? Are they going to interact with MY child? Is my child going to LEARN the skills needed to help them in school? Am I getting my MONIES worth? How are the TEACHERS going to teach? Is the staff going to listen to MY needs/ requests as a parent? It can be an overwhelming if you really think about it. The main goal that we as parents had in mind for our child, was to send her to a quality facility in which she would have the opportunities to learn how she needed to learn and to make a commitment to my family that they would be there for us.

I knew that there was only one place that I wanted to take her, the WSU CDC. The day we got the call to come for a tour, everything and everyone was just how I remembered, even 8 years later- extraordinary. Every staff member that we have interacted with in our time here has been positive and all for the well-being of my child. The staff are educated and trained in a way that you can be confident knowing when you drop your child off for the day, that they are going to learn new skills and new knowledge- not to mention, learn how to be a little socialite! I know, without a doubt in my mind, that this was one of the best decisions that we will make for our child’s life by choosing this facility for all of her early childhood development needs.

This facility it like a little family, and they stick together and depend on each other for guidance, reassurance and new ideas. The teachers are constantly being given the opportunity to learn the latest and greatest trends in Early Childhood Education and ways to bond together. It is refreshing to come into the facility at the end of a rough day at work to see happy caregivers in every room, interacting and enjoying what they do. It shows on each and every one of their faces.

I encourage each and every parent looking for a daycare facility to consider the WSU CDC- you will not regret it!”

-- Nicole and Brett Loeffler

"Our grandchildren have been attending the WSU CDC for the past 3 years. My husband and I have been able to observe what a difference the CDC has made in their lives. From the time that they walk in the door in the morning and are greeted with a warm smile and hello, to the time that they head back out the door, we know that they are in excellent hands.

The activities that the teachers and staff involve the children in are educational, interactional, and just plain fun! It is amazing to listen to our three year old grandson as he relates all of the things he has learned in school. He loves all of his teachers. As grandparents, we also have been able to participate in some special events. We want our most precious little ones to be cared for just like we would care for them and we have the confidence that WSU CDC does just that."

-- Pam and Mike Malone

"When my family first moved to Wichita, we were a little worried about finding a center for our children. We looked at a couple of different centers and were blown away by WSU CDC. As soon as I walked into the building I was impressed. The environment in which the children learn is clean and well organized. Toys and materials are at children’s level so that they can reach them. In addition, there are quiet areas within the classroom that children can take a break in and relax in if they feel the need to. They have large areas to play and work on their gross motor skills outside and inside of the building (which is great since the children can run and play even when it snows or rains).

As an early childhood educator, I put what my children learn as a high priority on my list of what I need in a center. The things that my children learn are developmentally appropriate and are centered on what they are interested in. Teachers focus on all the areas of development, including allowing the children engage in sensory exploration. They are allowed to explore and play which is really how children learn at this age. I love that the teachers send out the weekly lesson plans in advance so that we can talk about what they are learning at school at home too. Furthermore, the teachers are flexible and know that learning can come in a variety of ways and that they do not always have to stick to the lesson plan. Teachers and TAs also create a portfolio for parents to show the progress that their children have been making throughout the year.

I also love the parent involvement at CDC as well. They always communicate what they are working on at school through daily emails, weekly lesson plans, and chats with the teachers and TAs. In addition, they have special activities throughout the year where parents can come in and paint a pumpkin or decorate a cookie with their children and field trips that parents can come on as well (zoo, pumpkin patch). I feel very valued as a parent and my feedback taken seriously whenever I talk to the staff or turn in a feedback survey.

But most of all I love the staff at the WSU CDC. I know that the teachers and TAs truly care for my children and make them feel welcomed and special. They take the time to send “Happy grams” about my children, which are little emails letting me know about something special that my child did that day. Not only do I appreciate the teachers and TAs, but the director Jill and administrative assistant Amy are also awesome. They are always quick to help me with any questions and help I need and are always so friendly about it!

I feel like I really could go on and on about how much we love the WSU CDC, but I know there are not enough words to express how awesome they are!"

-- David and Christina Yoon

"Working at the Wichita State Child Development Center has been an incredible opportunity for me this year. Every time I walk in the building I am greeted by smiling faces. Everybody who works there genuinely loves the kids they work with and wants nothing more than to keep them safe, happy, and learning every day. The organization and communication between workers and families is wonderful and that isn't something that is seen in many day care facilities.

As an elementary education major, I take several classes about child psychology and ways that children learn. Taking these classes and being able to relate them to my experiences working with the children at the CDC, I realize that the strategies and activities we implement are carefully thought out and effective to help each individual child reach their full potential. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend the Child Development Center for any of my loved ones!"

-- Jessica Bloomquist

"A job at the Child Development Center is a great opportunity for many reasons. To name just a few, it's a fun job, it provides great experience working with kids, and it is a convenient job to have for busy schedules. This is a job that allows you to work and play with kids. You have to be professional just like any other work environment but you get to play, be silly, and just have fun! It is a fact that most jobs cause stress but to me this job has been more of a stress reliever then a stress causer.

The experience of working here will stick with you throughout your life. You learn so much. I am fully convinced that I will not only be a better teacher because of this job but I will also be a better mother someday when I have children of my own. On top of all of this, it is a huge bonus that this job is so flexible with busy school schedules. It is nice being able to walk back and forth between work and class.

The CDC provides great job opportunities, fun memories, and experiences that I think cannot be found anywhere else. I consider myself truly blessed for the time I have had here."

-- Jenna Williams

"Our son had gone to an in-home daycare since he was four months old. When I made the decision to go back to school our only option was the WSU CDC. We were nervous because for the past three years, Reed had been going to a grandma figure and had never been in a daycare center. The first time we walked in the doors we instantly felt welcomed. I honestly can't explain how wonderful the CDC has been for Reed. First and foremost, we do not consider the CDC as a daycare center, we refer to it as school. We love how all the workers know our child’s name, even if they don't work in his room.

There is so much we love about the CDC:

  • Working on homework while also being able to watch our child through a double sided mirror in the observation booth.
  • Daily email from teacher and weekly lesson plans
  • The Christmas Program
  • Kids Night Out
  • Fundraisers
  • Free in-services about conscious discipline
  • Secure and Safe Facility
  • Field trips throughout the community

Our experience thus far has been phenomenal and we still have a year and a half left!"

-- Greg and Meranda Gann

“We do not know where to begin to express how much we love the CDC. Harsha started going to CDC at age 2 in Room 3. It was very hard for us as new parents to leave our child at the CDC. Ashley and the other teachers in Room 3 took very good care of Harsha which helped him adjust to the new environment very quickly.

Soon, Harsha was very happy and enthusiastic to go to school every day. He loved school so much that he wouldn't want to miss a day not even the weekend. We are truly blessed to have such loving and caring people taking care of our child. The activities that they do with children are also very creative and fun.

The CDC is also very committed to our child’s development and we could see it in Harsha every day. The CDC - It’s like an extended family that any parent can think of. We are very happy that Harsha has found a second home in the CDC. We truly appreciate all the efforts and hard work of the entire CDC staff who make the CDC such a wonderful place for our child!!”

-- Kavitha & Vasu

"Our son has attended the Child Development Center for almost 5 years - starting in the infant room through his current Pre-K class. We have been impressed and pleased with the high quality care and education he has received at every step along the way.

The center is well-run, stays up to date on the latest educational and discipline approaches and techniques, and is staffed with trained, caring, and diligent teachers and TA’s. They keep our son engaged and excited about school and what he is learning.

We feel so fortunate to be a part of this wonderful school for our child and would highly recommend it to anyone."

-- Shelley and James Young

"Choosing to send your child to day care can be an overwhelming decision and process as a parent. We really didn't know what to expect. Originally, we thought sending our child to a babysitter while we went back to work would be the best option.

However, we quickly reconsidered once we toured the WSU Child Development Center. The WSU CDC offered so much more than an in-home babysitter could. We were impressed with the quality and experience of the teachers and staff, the developmental education our kids would receive and the individual attention our kids would get. We were so impressed that we made arrangements for 6 months and waited it out on the waiting list.

Our son started in the infant room at 9 months and stayed at the CDC until he went to Kindergarten. Our daughter is currently at the CDC and will finish in another year and a half. We have been parents there for almost 7 years and we have NEVER doubted our decision.

The teachers are qualified and truly care about the kids they care for. When you walk into the center, you can feel the positive staff dynamic and environment. The student teachers who are in the classrooms are also well trained, well qualified and ALL teachers and staff are committed to creating a safe educational environment for the kids. We LOVE the WSU CDC!"

-- John and Kim Sandlin

"When I decided to go back to school, one of the stressors and concerns I had was how my son was going to be cared for during the day. He'd been in one daycare since he was 10 weeks old and I was very concerned about how he might adjust to a change in care because he loved his teachers and his friends.

My son does not have the most flexible personality, and the thought of him switching teachers, peers, and environment all at once (especially after having been home with me for 3 months during the summer) caused me some fairly serious stress. This stress was completely eased at WSU CDC. My son's lead teacher and TAs embraced him and his quirky inflexibility and made his class a safe, caring place. He has not only adjusted better than I could have hoped, but has also thrived. I loved his previous caretakers for the care and love they provided to him when I could not be with him. At WSU CDC, he has that love as well.

When I drop him off each day, I know that his teachers will not just keep him safe and give him stimulating educational activities, but also truly care about him. I can't express how much easier it is to be a mom when I know that my son is happy, safe, challenged, and loved when I can't be with him."

-- Nicole and David Freund

“We are blessed to be part of such a welcoming and caring center. The teachers in the infant room are passionate about contributing to the development of each child and possess a wealth of knowledge to do so. Ben enjoys his time at daycare and we see his development and growth every day!”

-- Vivian and Derek Rohlender

“With its small class sizes and a qualified teaching staff that is second-to-none, the personalized attention received makes each child’s experience feel less like a daycare and more like an extended family. After our son Ethan’s experience at Wichita State University’s Child Development Center, his Kindergarten teacher raved about how developed his social skills, manners and reading ability were the day he began Kindergarten.”

-- Aaron Aberg

“The best gift we’ve given our now four-year-old son is placement at the Child Development Center. Prior to starting preschool there as a three-year-old, Henry was in home care with relatives. They loved him and doted on him, but he watched TV most of the day and didn't have any enrichment or socialization. We had heard great things about the CDC and knew it had the benefits of a superb educational philosophy and superb staff being connected to a university.

"Well, the Center’s met all of our expectations and more. Henry immediately loved the classroom, was engaged with the variety of wonderful activities and felt at home with the friends there. And notably, his behavior at home improved, too. He was less contrary in the evenings and is a much happier little boy. We’re so thankful that if we can't be with our child during the day, he has the best care and enrichment possible at WSU’s Child Development Center.”

-- Heather Grohe

“We cannot begin to express how grateful we are for all the CDC staff. It is hard for all new parents to leave their children for the first time, but the CDC put those first days’ worries to rest and our confidence in them couldn't be stronger. The CDC staff members are always so kind, and they truly care about the children in their care. The activities they do with the children, even as infants, are always creative and fun! We feel truly blessed that we have such great people taking care of our son while we are at work. They love him just as much as he loves them, and that is the best thing a parent could ever hope for in childcare.”

-- Lucas and Amanda May

“We've been with the CDC for nearly four years now, with two children enrolled. The opportunities that have been made available to our family via the CDC are so fitting to raising young children. The CDC has high standards for all teachers and we are witness to these standards every day. This center strives for excellence in safety, staffing and curriculum, all in a loving, family-oriented environment. For us, having confidence in the center that is raising our children for eight hours a day and five days a week is of vital importance, and all of our expectations have been met. This center makes a positive impact on our children's lives every day, which positively impacts our family life. We are very grateful to Jill, Amy, and all of the teachers. Our family loves you!”

-- Scott and Sarah Ruud

“One thing we are amazed about when we put Nihal in the Child Development Center was how fast he adjusted to everyone at the CDC. We appreciate the entire CDC team the way they care, love and support our child. The team is very professional and supportive. It is here where we saw smiles and enthusiasm in Nihal every day when he came into the CDC. We saw the CDC team was very committed to our child’s development. Thanks a lot, CDC.”

-- Vereesh and Deepa

“When I found out our grandchildren would be going to a daycare, I was a little apprehensive. Stay-at-home parenting was more often than not the alternative in our day, so I was concerned with a program outside of the home. Would there be one-on-one focus? Would the teachers love and take care of our grandchildren with the same attention they receive in our family? Would there be a stimulating educational program so that each child is prepared for Kindergarten?

"The warmth and loving environment is obvious as both grandchildren love to go to school. And when it is Grandparents Day you will see all of the programming from reading to music to computer work----pretty darn impressive watching a 3-year-old work a computer! My compliments to all of the teachers and staff who make WSU CDC such a wonderful place for our grandchildren.”

-- Jill Docking

“My son, Noah, started at the Child Development Center when he turned 2. Before starting there he had few words that he could speak. Within a couple of weeks, he was talking up a storm. I truly believe that the interaction he received at the CDC was extremely beneficial for his development. Noah turned 5 in January and will start school in August 2012. I’m positive that he is more than ready to start school. He can recognize letters and do basic math. It amazes me every day the things that he knows. Thank you to the staff of the CDC for loving my son and caring about his personal development.”

-- Tanya and Curtis Wickersham

“I had the privilege of working at the WSU Child Development Center (CDC) for three years while attending WSU. In my time at WSU, I was a full time student, dance team member and member of many other student organizations. I sought a campus job because with my very busy schedule this was the only way I would be able to work while attending school. I heard through other students in the College of Education that the CDC was a great place to work and a great way to gain educational work experience. With a supportive administration, large staff and flexible schedules, it is the ideal job for any college student. I gained more than a paycheck while employed at the CDC. I learned the life skills of caring for and understanding a child.

"The CDC held professional development trainings each semester to ensure the staff was well-educated and prepared for their job. These trainings benefited me as an education student because the trainings always focused on how children learn and how to be an effective teacher, which paralleled with my major. Working with the children also built character in the staff. I gained a sense of responsibility for having another person’s most important possession in my care. It also built cooperation skills as each staff member had to work together to ensure each child had the best care and education possible. Now as a teacher in the public school system, I am constantly critiqued for my positive interactions with the students. I owe these learned skills to my positive experience while at the CDC.”

-- Ashley Blanton, CDC August 2008-11

“The Wichita State University Child Development Center is so much more than a daycare facility; the faculty creates an educational environment that allows each child to reach their full individual potential. There is a partnership between the educators and parents that encourages open communication. We have always felt we could bring any idea or question up for discussion and talk about it with the teachers or director.

"We also appreciate there are so many activities throughout the year that include the child's family members like Grandparents Day, Family Picnic and Carnival. We have had the benefit of having two grandchildren attend the WSU CDC and we feel our grandchildren are off to a great start. We extend a special thank you to everyone at the WSU CDC.”

-- Lora and Whitney Boys, grandparents of former students

“I have absolutely enjoyed my experience at the CDC. Not only do I get to be a positive influence in the lives of these children, but they also teach me lessons every day. It's a blessing to have a job where the kids can turn any bad day around. The whole experience helped me decide that I want to pursue a master’s degree in early childhood after my bachelor’s degree in elementary education. I feel very comfortable with the staff and feel a part of the CDC family.”

-- Jenny Kelly

“I like working at the Child Development Center because all of the staff is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their work. I know each member of the CDC team does their best to help the children grow and feel happy and safe. Even if I am stressed out with school, I can count on a positive environment at the CDC.”

-- Audrey Garrett

“I could not be happier with the care and education my daughters receive at the WSU CDC. They love going to school every day to see their friends and teachers. Knowing that they are learning and having fun at the CDC has made my decision to return to work much easier, and I am confident their experience there will give them a head start when they begin elementary school.”

-- Emily and Bryan Docking

“The Child Development Center is an inspirational place where the next generation of youth are positively educated and developed. At this center there are no two days that are the same, the staff is great, and the kids always put a smile on my face.”

-- Roy Moye

“My name is Liz Schoenthaler and I've been working at the CDC since January 2008. To be completely honest, I thought this job would be one I kept until I completed my freshman year due to the convenience of the dorms being next door. But almost 4-and-a-half years later I'm still here and the reason being is purely due to the fact that I fell in love with working at the CDC.

"Everything from the staff to the kids to the parents. I can honestly say that I enjoy going to work every day the atmosphere is energizing and positive. Being a full time student flexibility is very important to me and Jill works hard to make sure our work and school schedules don't conflict. I recommend the CDC to classmates and teachers alike whether it being for their kiddos or if they're looking for a job, regardless the CDC is a wonderful place and I will continue my recommendations even after graduation.”

-- Liz Schoenthaler

“The time my kids were at the WSU CDC was great. I never worried when I dropped off the kids. I am thankful they had such a caring, supportive and safe place for daycare. They learned so much: letters, sounds, days of the week, and a lot more. And, they had plenty of opportunities to learn about sharing and being part of a group. They also got to experience some messy play that they probably wouldn't have done at home! The teachers really cared about the kids, and we were sad to leave.”

-- Carolyn Matthews

“I have had the privilege of working at the Wichita State University Child Development Center for the past four years. I am currently a senior at WSU, studying early childhood development and dance as well as an executive board member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. I sought after a campus job because with my very busy schedule I needed employment close to where I spend most of my time, which is at WSU. I heard through friends about the CDC and that it was a great place to work if you love children. Since my first day of work in April 2008, I have not regretted accepting the position as a teacher assistant. The CDC is a family and I’m pleased to be a part of it. From the administration to the teacher assistants, everyone is treated with kindness and respect because we all have one goal in mind: to build a strong foundation of learning in the children.

"The CDC is a great job for a college student. The facility is close to the campus, we have a large staff and your work schedule works around your classes. You get the opportunity to get hands on experience of working with children in multiple age brackets in a classroom setting. The CDC holds multiple in-services and trainings to make certain that all employees are equipped with the knowledge needed to nurture and educate the little lives that we interact with.

"My job is more than just a paycheck to me. My employment at the CDC has allowed me to work first-hand and gain experience in my future full time profession. I have gained multiple skills and knowledge that I could not have learned anywhere else. These skills are going to allow me to be an effective teacher when I am in my own classroom. Watching the children learn and grow is the greatest reward that I have ever gained and for that I give full gratitude to the WSU CDC.”

-- Tiffany D. Roberts

“As grandparents, it is very important for us to know that our grandchildren are in a safe, loving, structured and nourishing environment on a daily basis. That is why we are very appreciative and compassionate about WSU CDC. It was and is our grandchildren’s home away from home. In spite of the fact that we live 100 miles from Wichita, we have enjoyed the opportunity to attend most of CDC’s grandparent activities as well as some other CDC events. Besides grandparent visits we have very much enjoyed the carnivals, a field trip and Dylan’s graduation. We also enjoy taking them or picking them up from day care. The teachers and personnel are all very friendly and it is obvious that they and the children have a very good and personal relationship.”

Sincerely and lovingly,
Barb Kibler

“My wife and I choose WSU CDC for our son. The center has never seemed to be a daycare to us at all. It has been a school. We have been impressed every week with the way our son has matured through his growth. He has continued to develop true skills through his years at the center with ongoing pleasure to watch. The staff and room leads have been very patient, kind, and encouraging to all the children, providing the necessary wisdom to make sense of the everyday curiosities of a child. If I ever have another child I would want them to be a WSU CDC Shocker.”

-- Mr. and Mrs. Landers

"We were clients of the WSU preschool in the early 90s. Our daughter is now 21. We had a very good experience there. I remember the staff was great and all the kids were great too. We have happy memories of a year-end picnic with all the parents. I also remember that our daughter, Bailey was always happy to get there each morning and was busy reading books in the "reading loft" when I picked her up. Our family had absolutely no complaints, as we were always treated well and Bailey had a great social life there for a 3-year-old."

-- Kate Taylor

“Our son, Peter, started at the CDC in Room 3: the toddler room. We were on the wait list at the CDC while still pregnant, and he started at age two. We will always be the first to tell anyone who will hear that it was well worth the wait! We don't consider the CDC as just a “childcare provider,” but as school. The structure at the CDC encourages learning and socialization at an early age, and we can attest that Peter would not be half the funny, creative and friendly little boy that he is without the CDC’s involvement. The CDC has helped shape who he is today.

"Foremost, the staff at the CDC knows every child there by name, and as parents, there is a sense of assuredness and peace of mind that their child will be loved and cared for well. As Peter gets older and will finally “graduate” from the CDC next year, as a family, we will miss that comforting aspect that the CDC offers. And because of that, we look forward to when his baby sister starts at the CDC!”

-- Arraya and Jay Hall

“Our two children, Dylan and Addison, have attended the WSU CDC since they were 6-weeks-old. Dylan is entering the 2nd grade this fall, and Addison will enter Kindergarten this fall. During our time at the CDC, we have had extra attention with our kids in the areas of speech therapy and behavior management. The staff at the CDC not only recognized our children’s' special needs, but also gave us resources to get them the help they needed.

When we attended Dylan's first Kindergarten parent/teacher conference, the teacher asked us where he attended Pre-K. She was so impressed with his reading skills. He is now in the highest level of reading program at his school. We could not be happier with the education and care that our children have received at the CDC. The staff is amazing! We have never had to worry as we know our children received the best care, education and opportunities in town.

The CDC offers more than childcare. There are enrichment opportunities for parents, family activities, kids' night outs, gymnastics, soccer and more. The CDC provided our family with a schedule which was not only good for our children, but us as well. They also have outstanding Teacher Assistants as well who would move from room to room with them; they always had stories about their TAs.

The thousands of dollars that we have spent over the years is worth it when we go to our child's first kindergarten parent teacher conference and my child's teacher says that he is one best readers in his class and one of the most advanced in his class.”

-- Kari and David Porter

“My name is Megan, and my daughter, Addyson, is in Room 3 with Ashley. I will be a graduate student at WSU. From the first time I stepped into the CDC and met with Amy I have felt welcomed. As the year has gone on the other teachers say "Hi" and "Bye" to Addy (even if they are not in her room), and I love that. I have attended one of the workshops that the CDC holds monthly (Conscious Discipline), and Jill followed up on how it was going and was prompt in sending out an email with the documents.

Both Amy and Jill are easy to get ahold of and easy to talk to. It truly is a family at CDC. It was hard the first few times that I had to drop off Addy and go to class. Now seeing how much she has learned and how much she enjoys going to school makes me feel less guilty as a parent and a student. I look forward to her graduating from the CDC! To sum it up, I love the CDC!”

-- Megan and Derek Ellwood

“As a student at WSU, I do not get a maternity leave. I did not look forward to having to send my tiny, six-week-old baby to daycare. I have been very impressed with the care my little guy has received! Those babies are genuinely loved on and cared for. If there is a question about anything whatsoever, I get a call from the infant room. I always know I have a direct line to my baby and that someone will pick up and be more than happy to tell me what I need to know!

In addition, I know my baby is getting to participate with other children in activities geared to stimulate his imagination and growth in SO many ways! My friends and family have been blown away by all the little art projects he has participated in at such a young age! He's getting to experience things that I as his mother would be hard-pressed to duplicate as a stay-at-home mom, and that I, as a student, would never have time and energy to provide. And even though I'm not there through the day, I always feel included in what's happening, and I know I'm always kept up-to-date. I'm very happy that I chose the WSU CDC!”

-- Sharla Simpson