Floor Plans & Room Photos

The Flats floorplans can be viewed here:

Flats 1 Bedroom

Flats 2 Bedroom

Flats 3 Bedroom

Flats 4 Bedroom


Furniture within each room will vary. Double or triple rooms will have Twin XL beds. Single rooms will have full beds. Only shared rooms have dressers with a max of 2 dressers per room. There is a private bathroom in each room, meaning no more than 3 people will share any bathroom.


The Flats Building Layouts

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

Fourth Floor


Shocker Hall

Each Shocker Hall resident has their own:

  • Extra long twin bed with mattress
  • Three drawer chest
  • Desk with chair
  • Closet

Each suite contains a bathroom - which means no more than 4 residents would share a bathroom.

4 Bedroom Private:

4 bed private floorplan


3 Bedroom Private:

(There are only 9 of these in the building)
3 bed private floorplan

2 Bedroom Private:

2 Bed Private suite floorplan

Double 2 Bedroom Suite:Shared 4 bedroom suite

Limited Room Layouts-

There are very few of each of these room types throughout Shocker Hall

Shocker Hall Hybrid- Bedrooms 1 & 2 are shared, 3 & 4 are private

Double 1 Bedroom- large 1 bedroom that now holds two students, 2 sets of furniture

Triple 2 Bedroom- large double that now holds 3 students, 3 sets of furniture

4 Bedroom/1 Bath- 4 private bedrooms sharing 1 bathroom

Shared Room in Shocker HallShocker Hall shared room photo


Private Room in Shocker HallShocker hall private room photo


Shocker Hall Building Layouts

Building A, 1st Floor

Building A, 2nd Floor

Building A, 3rd Floor

Building A, 4th Floor

Building A, 5th Floor

Building B, Floor 0

Building B, 1st Floor

Building B, 2nd Floor

Building B, 3rd Floor

Building B, 4th Floor

Building C, Floor 0

Building C, 1st Floor

Building C, 2nd Floor

Building C, 3rd Floor

Building C, 4th Floor

Building D, 1st Floor

Building D, 2nd Floor

Building D, 3rd Floor

Building D, 4th Floor

Building D, 5th Floor

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