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"First-To-Go" Living Community 

The First-To-Go community is one of our newest communities, designed to specifically meet the needs of first-year, first-generation students. First-To-Go builds a bridge from home to a university academic experience for first generation students and provides an inclusive living environment that promotes academic success by providing support and cultivating an encouraging community to aid in maximizing the student experience.

Why Join?
Students who chose to live in this community gain an extra layer of support in navigating through the university, increased connections to faculty, staff and first-generation specific resources and a fostered support system of first-generation peers.

A “first-generation college student” who identified as a student whose parent/guardian has not received a four-year U.S. bachelor’s degree.

Programs/ Activities
• Mentorship: Residents from the First-To-Go LLC get paired up with a WSU faculty of staff member who is also first in their family. Residents meet up with them twice a semester and gain insight from their mentors experience as well as their advice
• Resilience Training: Residents reflect about themselves in distraught or stressful situations and how they can overcome them with practical techniques
• Resume Building Workshop: With the help of the career center, residents learn skills to fortify their current resumes while learning about different approaches to getting a job on or off campus
• Academic support and study skills workshops
• Social outings to assist students in exploring campus opportunities

For More Information:
First Gen LLC Coordinator: Alicia Newell, 316-978-6105,
Housing Coordinator: Chris Wiebe, (316) 978-7749,