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Sponsored By: Office of Diversity & Inclusion

In partnership with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, students will actively engage with social issues by attending educational programs led by an RA. Students will have the unique ability of learning how to bring about a positive social change in their communities.

Why Join?
This LLC would be perfect for students from all walks of life who have a genuine interest in expanding their knowledge on the topic of social justice and bettering the communities around them.

Open to students who are excited and committed to learning about their own identities as well as the identities held by the WSU community and the role those identities play in current events. Students must be willing to explore causes of opression through the examination of various forms of privlege and power. Limited to incoming first year students.

For More Information:

The Mosaic LLC Coordinator: Jamey Roberti, (316) 978-3977,
Residence Life Coordinator: Lauren Wilson, (316) 978-5999,