(Exceptions will be given to those moving to another HRL room, APPROVED athletes, and other APPROVED extensions). Please fill out an Extended Stay Request Form within the Housing portal. The last day to complete an extension form is May 4th at noon.


  • You will need to schedule a check-out appointment online through the Housing portal. The sign-up sheet will go live May 1st. Failure to schedule an appointment 24 hours in advance will result in a $50 improper check-out charge, unless you choose to do an Express Check-Out.
  • If you do not appear for your check-out at the time you have signed up for you will be assessed a $50 Improper check-out fee.
  • Clean your room thoroughly and empty all wastebaskets. Remove all posters, stickers, tape, nails and residue from walls, doors, mirrors, windows, furniture and all other areas. If your room is not clean at the time of check out, you will be assessed cleaning fees starting at, but not limited to, $25.
  • Be sure your window screen is in place and your window is closed and locked. Leave blinds down and open (except those living on ground level floors).
  • Clean your bathroom.
  • Check your mailbox and remove all mail.
  • Pack everything in your room and remove it. Please leave the drawers and closets open for a faster check-out. You must have everything out of your room and out of the hallway and the room must be cleaned as listed above BEFORE your scheduled check-out time. Failure to do so will result in a $50 improper check-out charge and you will have to reschedule your check-out for another time or do an Express Check Out.
  • The RA will check your room for damages and cleanliness. You will need to turn in all room keys/cards at this time and then sign your Room Condition Report.


Express Check-Out Process

Summer Housing Contract


Dining Information



Quiet Hours & Policy Violations


Confiscated Items

General Reminders

Express Check-Out Option: If you do not want to wait/sign up for a RA to check you out, you may do an Express Check Out. Please note that by selecting the Express Check Out option, you will forfeit your ability to appeal any charges found in your room. If interested, please go to the Information Desk to sign the Express Check Out Form. At that time you will need to turn in all your room/suite keys to the Receptionist. You will not be allowed back in your room after that point. PLEASE NOTE: This is the only option available to students who are checking out between 10 P.M. and 8 A.M. It will be at the discretion of your RA whether they will make an exception and conduct a traditional Check-Out during those times.

Summer Housing Contract: Summer contracts are currently available and can be completed via your myWSU portal. Summer Term runs from Saturday, May 19th - July 28th. Students needing to stay for the Intersession (August 1st- August 18th) would also need to fill out an Intersession contract.

Parking During Check-outs: Parents or those assisting students with the move-out process can park in any of the green lots starting Wednesday, May 9th. No tickets will be issued during this time. Once the student is packed up and has their moving boxes loaded and moved outside, the student or parent may go retrieve their vehicle and park in the Morrison reserved lot (Red Lot #8) or the Shocker Hall loading zone. Each student will be issued up to 2 parking forms (one for each vehicle) to place on their front dashboard while they are loading the belongings into the vehicles. This form allows students and parents to stay parked in the Red lot for 30 minutes. Housing staff will be on-site at the Red lot to issue parking forms and assist with watching moving boxes while people retrieve their vehicles. For a map of campus parking, click HERE.

Dining Information: Shocker Dining closes May 11th after Late Night and will not reopen for summer until May 30th. Remember, Shocker Dollars do not carry over from Spring semester to Summer. Use your Shocker Dollars now- they expire on May 11th! The GroundHouse will be open limited hours over the summer, opening at 5PM and closing at 10PM between the days of May 16th and August 16th.

Mail: Mail will continue be placed in mailboxes through your check-out date. You should fill out a Forwarding Address form online prior to or at the time you sign up for your Check-Out. We recommend changing your address with the companies that send mail to you to ensure you continue to receive it after Move-Out. We also recommend you change your address on your myWSU account. This change will ensure all mail sent by the university will be directed to your new address effective immediately. NOTE: If you do not fill out a forwarding address card, all mail you receive will be returned to sender.

Cleaning: To avoid a minimum of a 3 hour cleaning charge ($90), please take advantage of the cleaning kits available at the Information Desk. These kits include sprays to clean your room and bathroom. The Information Desk also has a vacuum cleaner for your carpet. You may check out any of these cleaning items with your Shocker ID.a valid state issued ID. There are dumpsters outside of Fairmount Towers and Shocker Hall to allow for the disposal of larger items. Please take ALL of your trash to the appropriate receptacles.

Quiet Hours and Policy Violations: Quiet Hours will begin at 10:00pm on Sunday, April 30th and run through 12:00pm on Saturday, May 13th. During this period, no noise should be heard outside of your room and you should control noise in the public and outside areas of the building. Please be considerate of others during this finals period. Failure to honor quiet hours will result in immediate referral to the Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) for disciplinary action. All policy violations will be referred to the RLC and will be subject to the conduct process. Please understand that staff will still follow up with all policy violations, even if the students involved do not plan to return to Housing or to the University.

Crime: Now is the time to be especially aware of locking your room! With all the commotion of move-out and finals, it is easy for a thief to steal something and go unnoticed. Please be careful and lock your door whenever you leave the room. Please report any unusual behavior or suspicious people to a RA right away.

Confiscated Items: If you had any prohibited items confiscated by HRL Staff and you are moving out, you will need to pick them up upon your check-out. If these items are not retrieved by the resident, the items will be disposed of as stated in the Housing contract. Additionally, any items left in your room will be kept for 14 days and then promptly disposed of, as is outlined in the Housing and Residence Life Contract.

General Reminders:

  • The Information Desk will be open during Finals Week.
  • If you have bunked or lofted beds, leave them as is and the Facilities staff will take care of it.
  • Don't forget to take your bike! All bikes remaining after check-out will be cut from their locks and donated to a charity. Please remember to take your bike home with you if you are planning on leaving for the summer!
  • Remember that the cable box, cable remote, and HDMI cord need to be left in the room upon check-out. If they are not, you will be charged to replace these items.