Student Involvement


Hippodrome is WSU's longest standing tradition and showcases student talent in a variety of ways. The skit competition portion includes 20-25 minute productions written, coreographed and acted out by WSU students. Performances are judged and awards are given out in several categories including best actor and actress. In between the skit productions is a variety show featuring student musicians, magicians and so much more. Variety acts are their own competition and cash prizes are awarded to the top winners. To bring the show together, student emcee's charm the audience and introduce acts throughout the nights. 

Hippodrome first appeared in 1928 where students and organizations were invited to enter a stunt competition for a ten dollar prize.  This traditional week used to be a one-day event but has since dramatically grown to include a full week’s worth of activities. The early years saw such events as wrestling and boxing matches, organizational booths and a country store. More recently,

Hippodrome 2018 Performance

Perform at Hippodrome

Skit Performance

Assemble a group of friends to write, direct and produce a 20 minute production to be performed at the CAC Theater for two nights. Skits are judged by faculty, staff, alumni and members of the Wichita arts community. Awards are given in the categories of best actor/actress, script and overall performance.

Variety Act

Talented Shockers from all areas of the arts take the stage in between skit productions. We welcome all forms of artists including musicians, magicians, comedians, singer/songwriters and more. Variety acts are judged and cash prizes are awarded to the top performers. For more information click the button below:

Variety Acts Packet

Hippodrome 2018 Emcee

Wednesday and Thursday Night shows are emceed by a selected student performer. This performer will introduce skits, variety acts and keep the audience entertained during any down time. Emcees are provided a small stipend for their time.



Playbill Ad Page

Purchase an Ad in the Hippodrome Playbill

By purchasing an ad in the Hippodrome Playbill you and your business become part of a long-standing Wichita State tradition. Three different ad sizes are available for purchase and design services are offered for a fee.

The Hippodrome Playbill will be distributed during the week of Hipppodrome and is a great bargain in advertising. The playbill reaches over 1,200 students, faculty, staff and community members attending performances. Purchased ads are also incorporated into Hippodrome's pre-show slideshows.

Ad Sizes

Wichita State Advertisers (Student Orgs, Groups and Departments) Community Ads (Businesses, Individuals, Non-Profits, Alumni)

Full Page (8"h x 6"w) $165 $185
1/2 Page (3.875"h x 6"w) $90 $115
1/4 Page (3.875"h x 2.87"w) $65 $80
$15 Graphic Service Fee

Complete the form at the link below to start your purchase of a Hippodrome Ad. Purchaser will be billed following the completion of Hippodrome performances.



Judge Hippodrome

Become part of the longest standing tradition that is Hippodrome. The Campus Traditions Committee accepts faculty, staff, alumni and community members who are not affiliated with competing organizations.