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Auditing: Responsible for auditing financial records of the organization. Chair: Lauren May

Bylaws/Long-Range Planning: This Committee is responsible for an ongoing evaluation of the organization. The Committee shall recommend strategies that will enhance the growth and development of the organization. The Committee shall prepare revisions and changes in the Bylaws at the request of the Executive Board. Following the Board's approval of the projected changes, the Chair shall notify and present them to the membership for approval. Chair: Julie Scherz

Courtesy: Responsible for the amenities of the organization. Chair: Ellie Duram

Interest Groups: Sees that all active Interest Groups have a Chair, transmits all names of interested members to that Chair, and makes sure that all participants in the Interest Groups are members of the organization. The Chair is also in charge of helping new groups form as interest indicates. Chair: Virginia Murphey

Membership: This committee shall keep a current file of all members. The First Vice-President is Chair: Martha Lewis

Newsletter: Provides pertinent information to the membership. Chair: Barbara Kae & Breann Collins

Programs: Responsible for providing programs for all regular meetings. Chair: Krysti Carlson-Goering

Scholarship: Responsible for managing the WSU Dames Scholarship funds and selecting recipients. Chair: Corinne Nilsen & Jolynne Campbell

Social: Secures appropriate facilities for meetings and special events, and secures Chairs for each of these. The Social Chair also is responsible for the selection of menus and for submitting proper reservation forms for the Association's Newsletter Chair when necessary. Chair: Krysti Carlson-Goering

Notification: Establishes a network of individuals to inform the membership of activities and to take reservations when required. Chair: Lauren May

Yearbook: Responsible for the production of the yearbook. Chair: Twyla Hill