Charge: The Retention Council (made-up of faculty and staff from all University divisions) serves to monitor retention outcomes and recommends changes to increase retention and graduation rates.


Vince Altum
Executive Director, International Education

Sandra Bibb
Dean, College of Health Professions

Robyn Bongartz
Assistant Director, Financial Operations

Royce Bowden
Dean, College of Engineering

Jim Clark
Assistant Dean, W. Frank Barton School of Business

Deltha Colvin
Associate Vice President of Student Life, Special Programs

Gina Crabtree
Registrar, Registrar’s Office

Rachel Crane
Associate Professor, University Libraries

Maureen Dasey-Morales
Director, Counseling and Testing Center

Anand Desai
Dean, W. Frank Barton School of Business

Kimberly Engber
Dean, Dorothy and Bill Cohen Honors College

Bobby Gandu
Director, Undergraduate Admissions

Linnea GlenMaye
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Teri Hall
Vice President for Student Affairs

Aaron Hamilton
Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions

Wendy Hanes
Assistant Dean, College of Fine Arts

Lisa Hansen
Director, OneStop

Dorothy Harpool
Instructor/Director, W. Frank Barton School of Business Department of Marketing

Scott Jensen
Director, Housing and Residence Life

Leann Karr
Coordinator of Student Services, College of Fine Arts

April Keim
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions

Mandy Konecny
Director, Student Advising Services, College of Health Professions

Sherena Langley
Director, Education Support Services, College of Education

Shirley Lefever
Dean, College of Education

Nancy Loosle
Director, Student Involvement

Ron Matson
Dean, Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Rodney Miller
Dean, College of Fine Arts

Rick Muma
Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs

Alicia Newell
Director, Student Success and Retention, College of Engineering

Susan Norton
Director of Adult Learning

Patricia Phillips
Director, Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Advising Center

Mark Porcaro
Director, Online Learning

Alicia Sanchez
Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Kim Sandlin
Director, Office of Student Success

Steven Skinner
Associate Dean, College of Engineering

Sheelu Surender
Director, Office of Financial Aid

Korey Torgerson
Associate Athletic Director for Student Services

Gretchen Torline
Director, Athletic Academic Services

Tony Vizzini
Provost and Senior Vice President

David Wright
Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs

Bayram Yildirim
Faculty Senate President

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