Kim's staff picture Kim Sandlin, Director
 115 Neff Hall
 - Student Success Strategic Enrollment Management and Retention Initiatives
 - Student Success Collaborative (Navigate) 
 - First-Year Seminar
 - Faculty Fellows
 - WSU 101 Badges
 - Ad Astra Conference

Cynthia Staff Photo

 Cynthia Allensworth, Administrative Assistant 
 115 Neff Hall 
 - Administrative support
 - Student Success general inquiries




Academic Success Programs/Shocker Learning Center

Heidi Staff Picture

 Heidi Rodrick, Assistant Director of Academic Success Programs 
 107 Lindquist Hall 
 - Shocker Learning Center
 - Supplemental Instruction
 - Peer coaches - SLC 
 - Study Skills 


Shelby staff picture Shelby Metcalf, Program Coordinator for Academic Success Programs
 115 Neff Hall
 - Shocker Learning Center
 - Peer tutoring



First-Year Programs

Sharieka Staff Photo Shareika Fisher, Assistant Director for First-Year Programs 
 115 Hubbard Hall 
 - Orientation
 - Transition Mentors
 - WSU Reads
 - Academic Convocation


Caitlin staff photo Caitlin Putnal
 115 Hubbard Hall 
 - Clash of Colleges
 - Syllabus Party
 - Pancakes and Pajamas
 - Peer Coaches: First-Year Seminar

Office of Student Money Management

Tim Hagan, Program Coordinator for Financial Wellness
- Financial literacy information and high school presentations

Online Student Success

Amber Staff Picture Dr. Amber Anderson
 115 Neff Hall 
 - Online Orientation 
 - SmarterMeasure Assessments
 - Online student success plans
 - Online study skills
 - Online student outreach

Success Coaches 

Success Coaches can help students in the following areas: 
  • Improve study skills 
  • Identify individual barriers to success
  • Serve as accountability partners for students 
  • Help faculty create success messaging for students 
  • Help department chairs identify existing academic barriers for students in their majors

Chelsea staff photo Chelsea Dey, Success Coach Fairmount College of Language Arts and Sciences, College of Health  Professions


 Lindquist Hall, room 302



  Jamie Staff Picture Dr. Jamie Hollon, Success Coach Barton School of Business


 Clinton Hall, room 131



 Stephanie staff photo Stephanie Cockrell, Success Coach College of Fine Arts and College of Applied Studies

 316-978-6274 - McKnight Art Center, room 319

 316-978-6861 - Corbin Education Center Room 252 East



 Stephanie staff photo Stephanie Adams, Success Coach College of Engineering


 College of Engineering P2 A119