Kim's staff picture Kim Sandlin, Director
 115 Neff Hall
 - Student Success Strategic Enrollment Management and Retention Initiatives
 - Student Success Collaborative (Navigate) 
 - First-Year Seminar
 - Faculty Fellows
 - WSU 101 Badges
 - Ad Astra Conference

Cynthia Staff Photo

 Cynthia Allensworth, Administrative Assistant 
 115 Neff Hall 
 - Administrative support
 - Student Success general inquiries




Academic Success Programs/Shocker Learning Center

Heidi Staff Picture

 Heidi Rodrick, Assistant Director of Academic Success Programs 
 107 Lindquist Hall 
 - Shocker Learning Center
 - Supplemental Instruction
 - Peer coaches - SLC 
 - Study Skills 


Shelby staff picture Shelby Metcalf, Program Coordinator for Academic Success Programs
 115 Neff Hall
 - Shocker Learning Center
 - Peer tutoring



First-Year Programs

Sharieka Staff Photo Shareika Fisher, Assistant Director for First-Year Programs 
 115 Hubbard Hall 
 - Orientation
 - Transition Mentors
 - WSU Reads
 - Academic Convocation


Caitlin staff photo Caitlin Putnal
 115 Hubbard Hall 
 - Clash of Colleges
 - Syllabus Party
 - Pancakes and Pajamas
 - Peer Coaches: First-Year Seminar

Office of Student Money Management

Tim Hagan, Program Coordinator for Financial Wellness
- Financial literacy information and high school presentations

Online Student Success

Amber Staff Picture Dr. Amber Anderson
 115 Neff Hall 
 - Online Orientation 
 - SmarterMeasure Assessments
 - Online student success plans
 - Online study skills
 - Online student outreach

Success Coaches 

Success Coaches can help students in the following areas: 
  • Improve study skills 
  • Identify individual barriers to success
  • Serve as accountability partners for students 
  • Help faculty create success messaging for students 
  • Help department chairs identify existing academic barriers for students in their majors

Chelsea staff photo Chelsea Dey


 Lindquist Hall, room 302



Jose staff picture Jose Intriago-Suarez


 Corbin Education Center, room 252 East



Jamie Staff Picture Dr. Jamie Hollon


 Clinton Hall, room 131



Stephanie staff photo Stephanie Cockrell


 McKnight Art Center, room 319