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If this is your first experience with college-level courses, you need to keep in mind that class notes are very important and are often the source of test questions.

  • Class attendance is extremely important. If you aren't in class, you can't take notes. If, for some reason you must miss class, be sure to get notes from a classmate.
  • Begin your notes for each class period with the date and topic for that day.
  • Take as many notes as possible. While you are taking notes don't worry about spelling, handwriting or form. You can revise your notes after class if necessary.
  • If you are experiencing difficulty taking notes, you might also record the lecture then replay the tape and add any information you have missed to your notes.
  • As you take notes, indicate important information with a check mark or a star. That way you will have an idea of what to study for the test.
  • Review your notes. Once a week rapidly read through the notes you have taken since the last test. This will give you a head start when it is time to lean the material for a test.

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