Our Innovative Approach

A very special innovative idea came from the 61st Session Student Advocate, Kitrina Miller in fall of 2018 when she worked with university administrators to create the Food for Fines program. Food for Fines is an initiative to help serve the population of Wichita State University, while supporting the Shocker Support Locker. Up to five (5) citations may be forgiven per donation week. Along with the donation, the parking quiz must be completed each donation week with printed or electronic proof that the quiz was taken at www.wichita.edu/parkingquiz. Parking tickets that do not apply are any over two months old and any over $50. This initiative ran for one week, twice a semester. Check the Student Advocate website for updates on the Food for Fines program.    

SGA Accomplishments Spring 2019

SGA Accomplishments Fall 2018