Purpose: The Diversity, Empowerment & Inclusion Committee shall be responsible for hearing and making recommendations to the Senate and Student Advocate on actions to address the needs of underrepresented students at Wichita State University by working with diverse populations, campus organizations, administration and senate to champion the needs of minority students. It will also be under the purview of this task force to meet with student organizations serving underrepresented student populations to assess their organizational needs of the University. If you have any issues you want addressed, or would like to help us address issues we're currently working on, contact the committee Chairperson.

Committee Formation: Originally named the SGA Minoirity Affairs Committee, the Diversity, Empowerment & Inclusion Committee was formed by R50-111875 in March of 1976.

Membership: Any member of the Association shall be eligible to serve on any of the Committees as full, voting members and shall be appointed according to the procedure outlined the Bylaws and shall make a good faith effort to include in their membership at least one (1) graduate student. This Committee shall consist of no more than twenty (20) members including the Chairperson. 

Jurisdiction: Diversity, inclusion and equity concerns of the student body

Meeting Details: TBD

Chairperson: Senator Eli Flores, Underserved Senator

Email: sga.diversity@wichita.edu