Purpose: The Governmental Relations Committee promotes issues regarding higher education central to Wichita State students’ success and interests at the local, state, and federal government levels. Government Relations frequently works closely with governmental bodies such as the Wichita City Council on issues affecting Wichita State, students, and the Wichita community.

Committee Formation: The Committee was formed in April 2018

Membership: Any member of the Association shall be eligible to serve on any of the Committees as full, voting members and shall be appointed according to the procedure outlined the Bylaws and shall make a good faith effort to include in their membership at least one (1) graduate student. Unless otherwise noted, each Senate Committee shall consist of no more than twenty (20) members including the Chairperson. 

Jurisdiction: Local, State and National Government Issues, Higher Education Law in Kansas and United States, Engagement with government issues, Voter Engagement

Chairperson: Senator Ella Perkins, At-Large

Email: sga.govrelations@wichita.edu 

Office Hours: TBD