Purpose: The Rules and Administration Committee or the Senate Leadership directs the legislative process, assigns projects, initiatives or legislation to a Standing Committee and directs the operations of the Senate. 

Committee Formation: The Committee was formed in November 2019 by Senate Bill-62-025

Membership: The Speaker of the Senate, the Standing Committee Chairs, and the Clerk of the Senate 

Jurisdiction: Standing Rules of Order, Legislative Process of the Senate

Meeting Details: TBD

Olivia Babin

Speaker of the Senate, Chair


Senator Maggi Hole

Budget and Finance Committee

Senator David Liu

Academics Affairs Committee

Senator Tayton Majors

Ways and Means Committee

Senator Grant Day

Safety and Student Services Committee

Senator Ella Perkins

Governmental Relations Committee

Senator Kamilah Gumbs

Diversity, Empowerment and Inclusion Committee

Taylin Fox

Clerk of the Student Senate, ex-officio

Advisor: Gabriel A. Fonseca, M.Ed.