Purpose: The charge of the Ways and Means Committee shall be to research, report, and make recommendations to the Student Senate regarding student organizations, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Bylaws, and Statues and impeachment proceedings; and take action on issues which are of current interest to WSU student organizations; and to complete assignments determined by the Student Senate. This Committee serves as the oversight Committee for the Association. 

Committee Formation: The Committee was formed in November 2019 by Senate Bill-62-025

Membership: Any member of the Association shall be eligible to serve on any of the Committees as full, voting members and shall be appointed according to the procedure outlined the Bylaws and shall make a good faith effort to include in their membership at least one (1) graduate student. Unless otherwise noted, each Senate Committee shall consist of no more than twenty (20) members including the Chairperson. 

Jurisdiction: Association Elections, Recognized Student Organizations, Association Rules and Regulations, Senate Review Board, Bill of Rights

Meeting Details: TBD

Chairperson: Senator Tayton Majors

Email: sga.ways.means@wichita.edu

Office Hours: TBD