Election Commission

The Election Commission is responsible for the administration of the Student Government Association elections, as well as the administration of additional events at the discretion of the Election Commission that aim to promote the elections, inform the student body about the elections, provide the candidates with information, allow candidates an opportunity to promote themselves, or otherwise contribute to a fair, efficient, and publicized elections. The Elections Commission is appointed annually by the Student Body President and confirmed by the Student Senate. The Student Election Observers are nominated by the SGA Advisor and appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs.


Vaishali Sharma,

Chief Elections Commissioner

Zoey Norton,

Deputy Elections Commissioner for Outreach

Asrayram Gopalakrishnan,

Deputy Elections Commissioner for Administration

Courtney Price-Dukes,

Elections Observer

Anisia Brumley,

Elections Observer

Zackary Shinkle M.Ed.

Student Activities Council Advisor