Rock the Vote

The Declaration Period is now over! Soon it will be time to Rock the Vote! Elections for the 2023-2024 Student Government open Monday, April 3rd and close Wednesday, April 5th at 5:00 p.m. Voting will take place online! 

Be the Voice!

The 2023 Student Government Association General Elections are finally here!

At the Wichita State University Student Government Association, we see our motto as our personal commitment to the university community. It is at the core of everything we do. In fact, SGA empowers students to voice their opinions and concerns directly to their representatives, who sit at various tables representing and advocating for their needs. SGA is governed by students and committed to student issues and concerns. 

The Student Government Association is a great opportunity to give back to campus and allow your leadership skills to shine. The Wichita State University Student Body needs dedicated and passionate students who are ready to work hard and improve the student experience, life and spirit on our campus. Your desire to serve your student body is greatly celebrated.

Information included on this page is vital to running for a Student Government Association (SGA) elected office. Please read pages carefully as you will be held responsible for information contained within. Remember that as a candidate, you are responsible for the actions of anyone campaigning on your behalf.

Make sure that all of your campaign staff and volunteers are familiar with the information included on this web page. If you have any questions regarding this information, seek clarification before campaigning begins. During the entire elections process, the Elections Commission will be your source of clarification for questions, issues, etc.

If there are any questions during the elections process, please feel free to contact 

Upcoming Events

Election Timeline, Events, and Deadlines

Meet the Candiates

  • Wednesday, March 22nd from 11-1, RSC 1st Floor

Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates

  • Thursday, March 23rd at 6:00 pm in RSC 233 and Live Stream
  • Tuesday, March 28th at 6:00 pm in RSC 233 and Live Stream 


  • Monday, April 3rd to Wednesday, April 5th

The Student Government Association consists of three branches of government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

SGA Overview

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Legislative Branch or the Senate

Must constantly be reaching out to students and gathering information about their concerns. In this way, Senators are responsible for acting in the best interest of students, balancing and vetting executive decisions, and advocating for the student voice. Senators must attend all of the regular meetings as well as the signature programs that are an important part of the Senate’s annual schedule. During the weekly meetings Senators are expected to be actively engaged and participate in the discussions taking place. Furthermore, Senators should be eager to work with a committee and assist their fellow Senators whenever possible. The Student Senate is comprised of elected members representing each College and various special populations on campus.


Executive Branch or the Cabinet

Shall serve to advise and assist the President in the execution of the will of the Senate and the members of the Association and to communicate the activities of the Executive Branch to the Senate. The Cabinet shall be composed of all the members of the Executive Branch who are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate or elected by the members of the Association. The Student Body President and Vice President are the only elected members of the Executive Branch.

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Supreme Court or the Court 

Shall have jurisdiction in cases arising from the Constitution, Statutes, and Bylaws of the Association. The Court shall hear appeals from Traffic Court, Parking Appeals, and Library Court of Appeals and shall render decisions in these cases. The Court shall have the authority to render advisory opinions at the written request of any member of the Association. An advisory opinion will be provided by the Court which then will be sent to the Senate. Any further jurisdictional areas are only granted by the Senate and approved by the President of the Association.

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Undergraduate and Graduate Students

May run for office during the spring election. If you plan to run for a seat on SGA and intend to hold a campus wide campaign, you need to thoroughly review the election rules listed below. Candidates and/or their supporters MUST adhere to these rules. If a candidate (and/or their supporters) is found in violation of any of these rules that candidate may be disqualified.

Open Positions

Executive Branch (must run as a ticket)

  • Student Body President
  • Student Body Vice President

Legislative Branch (runs independently)


  • College of Applied Studies Senators
  • College of Engineering Senators
  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Senators
  • College of Fine Arts Senators
  • College of Health Professions Senators
  • College of Business Senators
  • Honors College Senators
  • Graduate School Senators
  • Out-of-State Senators
  • At-Large Senators
  • Military & Veterans Senator
  • International Senator
  • Adult Learner Senators
  • Underserved Student Senators