SGA Declared Candidates for the 66th Session

Here are the names of the declared candidates, which position they are running for, and their answers to the three questions they were asked when declaring candidacy. 

  1. Who are you?
  2. Why are you running?
  3. What is your platform?
    Noah Carter President & Jonathan Stanger Vice President Synergy  

    1. Noah Carter is a sophomore majoring in Economics and Mathematics. He loves Wichita State and never passes up an opportunity to be involved. He has served as a Transition Mentor for the office of First Year Programs since 2021 and as a Behavioral Economics Research Assistant for the Economics Department since 2022. He is currently serving the students of Wichita State as the Director of Health and Wellness for the SGA Executive Branch of the 65th session. Jonathan Stanger is a Media Arts major with an emphasis in collaborative design. He is the current SOC chair for Student Government and chair in many committees such as Prevision Services and Contract Appeals. He also serves as a Transition Mentor for the office of First Year Programs.

    2.As a student at Wichita State, Noah has a deep appreciation for all that this university has to offer and is excited about the opportunity to serve and make a difference. I want to help make Wichita State an even better place for all students. He believes that our student government plays a crucial role in shaping the student experience and ensuring our voices are heard. He wants to work with fellow students to address the issues that matter most to us and ensure that our university is a place where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and connected.With being involved with campus Jonathan has had a great appreciation with what WSU and Wichita has to offer. He also has seen where we can make improvements to impact student's lives for the better. With Student Government's main role to advocate for students, he believes he can bring everyone's voice into SGA.

    3.The candidates are running on a three point platform: Connection, Reachability, and Advocacy. For connection they plan to connect to students to resources and opportunities they need to succeed or ones they have not heard of before. This includes but is not limited to; academic support, CARE Team, Counseling and Prevention Services, Career Services, and student organizations that align with the students interests. For reachability, they plan to be a representative of the student body who can be reached easily and be responsive to the students concerns and needs. They will always be available to listen and offer support, ensuring that the students can count on them and their support. Their final point is Advocacy, in which they will advocate for students on campus and in the community to address issues that matter to them and to create a positive change. They will work to ensure that all students have a say in the decisions that affect their lives and will fight to make sure their rights and needs are respected. 

    Zane Berry President & Nicholas Harmon Vice President

    1. Zane Berry is an Aerospace major with minors in Math and Philosophy. He has been in the Student Senate for two years representing the college of Engineering. Throughout his time in the Senate, he have served as the Engineering Caucus leader as well as the Government Relations Chairman Pro-Tempore. Outside of the Senate, he serves as the Vice-President of Programming in his fraternity Beta Theta Pi, he also is a Resident Assistant on the 3rd floor of the Suites, and works in our department of Technology Transfer and Commercialization on campus. Nicholas Harmon is a Political science major with a minor in history. As Ways and Means chair of the student senate, he has had the pleasure of working with many student organizations. He has learned how SGA operates, and where SGA succeeds and fails at its goal of serving the student body. He is involved with multiple student organizations in his personal time and as a student have seen both sides of student engagement. The side of the student trying to get involved, and of the SGA official trying to get students involved.

    2. Zane is running for President because he believes that experiences such as his inside Senate and outside of Senate give a holistic view of student issues. His time in Beta Theta Pi has given insight into how Greek Life is treated on campus and what it means to be in a registered student organization. As a Resident Assistant, he has helped students find resources and has worked with Housing and Residence Life to increase the quality of housing at WSU. In his on-campus job, he has worked with the research arm of WSU which has provided an  understanding of its immense importance to the culture and innovative spirit of WSU. He knows that with the help of his running mate, they can increase the effectiveness of student fees while reducing the wasteful spending in student government. Nicholas is running for Vice President because he believes that his leadership experience in SGA so far will give the Berry administration valuable insight into the operations of the student government. In the past year, it has come to his attention that SGA has access to a lot of money, and typically is not hesitant to use it whatsoever, but when the conversation of reducing expenditures comes up, there usually isn't much said. Nicholas, along with many students, are concerned that careless spending will eventually catch up with the student government, and if so the student body will end up paying the price, quite literally through student fees.

    3. Our platform has three main points: Affordable housing, reduced spending, and reaffirming the right to freedom of expression. We will be advocating for a reduction in the amount of money required to break a housing contract. It is unfair that many students pay thousands of dollars for housing that they do not even use. SGA has consistently been dipping into the reserve funds that the student body has saved up over many years. This must be stopped and students' money should be treated with more respect. Finally, students and faculty should have a right to freedom of expression. As a student body and campus as a whole, we should encourage and allow all opinions, values, and religions to be expressed.

    Iris Okere President & Sophie Martins Vice President LEVEL UP

    1. Iris is a Junior, majoring in Marketing and minoring in Spanish. Her on-campus involvement includes: the Diversity Empowerment & Inclusion Chair for the Student Government Association, Vice President of the Epsilon Alpha Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, VP of Community Relations for the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Shocker Hall Resident Assistant ,and Student Assistant for the VP of Finance and Administration Office. Sophie is a Junior at Wichita State University pursuing a major in Political Science with the Legal Education Accelerated Degree and Honors. On campus she is  involved in the Shocker Support Locker with the Student Engagement Advocacy & Leadership office as the Advocacy Assistant, as well as being on the Rowing/Crew team for WSU and in the Pre-Law Association club. As for Student Government Association, this past session she has served as an At-Large Senator on the Academic Affairs committee working primarily with First Year Seminars to increase student engagement and experiences

    2.  Iris is running to be student body president as she believes Wichita State is in need for an Upgrade and that it is time to LEVEL UP. The association has the credibility to do so much more for the students we serve. As an institution the vision is to provide IMPACT to the students. Iris wants to see this campus finally take accountability for all the promises that are made. She believes that she will be a great candidate for Student Body President, as her first priority she will always be there to advocate and serve the students of Wichita State University. Sophie is running as Vice President because Wichita State University is an amazing school that needs to be taken up a notch and LEVEL UP! The Student Government Association is an amazing platform to do so much more for our students, faculty, staff and University as a whole. She wants to help this university provide the best Shocker Experience for everyone who steps on our campus. She will always continue to be an advocate for all Shockers and want to further this in the Vice President seat.

    3. We are running on 5 core values: Transparency, Civic Engagement, Retention, Diversity, and Accountability.

    Kian Williams At-Large Senator

    1. My name is Kian Williams and I am honored to have served in the Senate for the last two years, most recently as an At-Large Senator and Chair of the Government Relations Committee. I am a second year studying Economics and Political Science, with a minor in Spanish. On-Campus I serve on the executive board of the Wichita State College Democrats and I am involved with the Model UN team.

    2. I am running to continue representing the student body to the University Offices and Administration. Our Student Government Association has suffered a turbulent year, and the student’s trust in our Government is faltering. I intend to continue fighting for the issues that affect each and every student in their daily lives.

    3. My number one priority is to ensure and maintain the integrity of the Student Government Association. SGA has real bargaining power and influence on the University, and we must utilize that responsibility to effectively solve issues impacting our students. Further, the issue of food insecurity is pervasive in our community. WSU sits right in the middle of a food desert, and many students don’t have reliable access to fresh and affordable meals. We must prioritize investing in the Shocker Support Locker to ensure the continued support of our students. Lastly, I am extremely dedicated to the growing popularity of Kansas Day at our University. Pride in our community is essential to building a student body strong in its unity and powerful in its voice.

    Andrew Bobbit At-Large Senator

    1. I am currently a junior pursuing degrees in Criminal Justice and Political Science. I am a member of the Shocker rowing team, as well as the president of the Model United Nations student organization. One of my goals has been to be involved with as many aspects of campus as possible. When I was starting at the university it was hard to overcome the obstacles of covid, but as the university has reopened I have found a wonderful community and I want to continue to support it in any way that I can. I have been able to meet a wide variety of people and experience different ways of thinking that have made my time at WSU truly transformative. I currently serve as the High School MUN coordinator for Wichita State overseeing an annual conference that provides educational opportunities for students across Kansas.

    2. I am running because I want to be more involved. I have seen things from a student perspective and I feel that the way to make a difference is to put in work transforming the university instead of just talking about the changes that I would like to see. A lot of the sentiments that I have about how things are on campus are shared by the people that I have interacted with and I believe that I can champion the causes of the students while being a voice for a wide variety of people.

    3.My platform is one of transparency and accountability, I want to be a driving force for legislation and action. One of my main goals would be to make student government more accessible for students who may not feel represented. I also want to provide an insight into the workings of student government. Something I have experienced as a student is the actions of the Student government but it is not always clear what the reasoning behind it is.

    Nathan Holloway At-Large Senator

    1. My name is Nathan Holloway, I am from Ark City, Kansas. I'm a junior here at Wichita State studying Business Administration. I currently hold several positions on campus. I am a Student Ambassador, Team Lead for the Shocker Navigators, President of DECA, Risk Management of Phi Delta Theta, and currently an At-Large senator for SGA. I enjoy being able to be apart of multiple organizations that all contribute to improving student's college experience.

    2. I am running for At-Large senator because I want to continue having a positive impact here at Wichita State, to help improve the student experience overall. I also want to move Wichita State in the right direction, to constantly raise the standards on the level at which we operate. Wichita State is not perfect but there is always room for improvement on campus and I want to be apart of that improvement.

    3. I want to be transparent as a senator and keep the students of Wichita State updated and involved in all that Student Government Association does. I will be sure to build that connection between students and SGA to ensure that us in SGA are doing what is best for students.

    Juliet Banuelos At-Large Senator

    1. Hello, my name is Juliet. I am a sophomore at WSU. I grew up in the Wichita area. I am a double major ( psychology, and political science)  and a double minor(Spanish, and sociology). I am a member of multiple student groups and organizations like First gen. I am an At-Large senator in the 65th section. I am also a student assistant for the Ofice of Engagement.

    2. To finish what I started.

    3. Leadership serves a variety of purposes, including assisting others in achieving their own objectives. When that occurs, not only do they achieve, but you succeed as well, making it a win-win situation for everyone. Bridge the gap between administration and students, look into the financial distribution of tuition and fees, and condense all wellness resources into one easy-to-read web page. Create a plan to make the university carbon neutral as soon as possible,  and use leftover food from dining halls to feed the homeless.

    Adriana Owens At-Large Senator

    1. Hello, I am Adriana Owens a Sophomore here at WSU with a major in Psychology and Criminal Justice and a minor in Women's studies. I am a Rudd scholar, a part of the Kversity dance group, FOCUS, and much more.

    2. I am running so I can continue to serve the student body. I have been a part of the past two sessions and would love the opportunity to continue.

    3.I hope to continue to prioritize safety for all students and specifically hope to look into ADA compliance, Housing, and international student issues.

    Josh Mallard At-Large Senator

    1. I am majoring in Geology with a minor in Anthropology and Sustainability and a certificate in Environment and Sustainability. I am part of the Student Ambassador Society, Geology club, Environmental Science Club, Anthropology club, FOCUS, SPECTRUM, SHARE, Artist Exploration Association, and Community Service Board. I am a 3rd generation student with my stepmom and my grandfather both going here. I love being involved as much as possible here on campus to get the largest experience I can out of my time here. I also enjoy making friends and ensuring people can get what they need.

    2. I am running with the sole purpose of making sure that students feel safe and wanted here on campus. If they have issues that need to be addressed, they should know they can come to me for help.

    3. I am hoping to help make the campus more ADA-compliant with the introduction of more handicap-accessible doors, more handicapped parking spots, and any other ADA-compliant issues that may arise within my time here on campus. I also hope to help make sure that people understand policies better by talking to professors to give out info during class to make sure that students know what we can do for them.

    Jay Thompson At-Large Senator 

    1.Fifth year Aerospace Engineering student with an Honors Minor in Leadership. At WSU I currently serve in SGA, and am the VP of the Rocket Club. When I am away from school I am with my family that lives in Wichita, hanging out with friends and roommates, traveling, and working on personal projects like building rockets!

    2. Having now spent three years in the Student Government Association I have come to understand a great deal of the functions, motives, and intricacies that are present in policy decisions at Wichita State. I am running for (re?)election to the Student Senate to continue articulating the issues that face the student body to university administration. The University has come far since I chose to enroll here, but the work remains unfinished.

    3. My three years as an SGA Official has consisted of time spent in roles such as Senator, Academic Affairs Committee Chairperson & Pro Tempore, Director of Policy, and de facto Chief of Staff. These roles gave me seats at the table for discussions on projects that have impact on students, the campus, and members of the community. I saw first hand the needs of those around us everyday. My SGA platform is that I will serve all students of the university as an at-large Senator through promoting campus tradition, prosperity, fairness, and success. Some projects I hope to work towards in the 66th Session are making a new bus route through campus, creating new green energy projects, and promoting and adjusting Association Agencies. If any of these are something you’d like to see, vote Jay for At-Large Senator.

    Jasmine Peng At-Large Senator

    1. My name is Jasmine Peng. I am currently a sophomore here at Wichita State, majoring in Biomedical Science, minoring in Health Science, and hopefully double majoring in Biomedical Engineering after this semester. Once I graduate, I plan to attend medical school to become a pediatrician. I am involved in FCHP (Future Healthcare of Professions), PSA (Premedical Student Association), and SGA (Student Government Association). This is my second year serving as an At-Large Senator in student government. I am also a first-generation student. Both my parents came to the states when they were my age. My mom and her family came from Vietnam, while my dad and his family came from Laos for a better future. To show that I am grateful for them, I try to pay them back as much as possible by taking on many responsibilities and helping take care of them. My little brother is a freshman at Wichita State, studying Aerospace Engineering. Growing up, I learned to appreciate more and more what family is and means to me.

    2. I am running for what I hope to be my third year in SGA as an At-Large Senator before Student Government. When I first came to this university, I had very little knowledge about the campus, including the university's Student Government. So once I  joined, I saw how Wichita State runs from "behind the scenes." Student Government allows me to better connect with students and relate more to their concerns as I am a student as well. I spend an average of about 12-15 hours most days every week. Being part of plans for the future of future shockers and being the voice of students is the reason why I want to run for every session to come.

    3. As someone with a chronic illness who's had thirteen surgeries, I have used the accommodations from disability services many times. I want other students to know more about the Office of Disability Services. How can they help students improve Wichita State academics and go smoother their time here at Wichita State? Along with a chronic illness, I am a first-generation student, and navigating through college without much help and trying to find accommodations simultaneously can be difficult for most. I want to help those students who struggle with this problem and more. To be the voice of those working with accommodations, either with faculty or needing help filling out paperwork, I want to help as much as possible. To find ways to improve disability services and help students on campus in every college of every degree.

    Lizzie Koonce Engineering Senator

    1. Hi! My name is Lizzie Koonce and I am a third year Electrical Engineering major. I have served as the SGA Engineering Senator and caucus leader and I am currently serving as an Out-of-State Senator. On campus, I am a part of Gamma Phi Beta, Spectrum, Cafecito, and Shockers (Taylor’s Version).

    2. I am running because I want to advocate for the needs of the College of Engineering students. By communicating one-on-one with my constituency, I hope to create impactful legislation to facilitate change on campus. Student voices are hard to hear if you’re not within earshot!

    3. I am queer woman wanting to represent the minority groups of engineering. In my past service as an Engineering Senator, I helped create more WSU engineering majors, advocated for women and gender neutral bathrooms in the older engineering buildings, and voted for the funding of several STEM recognized student organizations. I care a lot about the constant improvement and innovation of our school and my college. I hope to continue working with my peers to develop a better learning environment.

    Michael C. Boydo Engineering Senator

    1. I am currently a Freshman who is studying electrical engineering for his major and will be minor in math alongside my major. I am in the Freshman Leadership Council in which we represent the freshman class currently at WSU and im hopes to teach leadership and influence them. I am also in the academic affairs committee.

    2. I am running for the Engineering Senator to see a change in the engineering department when it comes to careers and furthering them and to continue my life in SGA.

    3. My platform is to help get students information to internships and jobs and to hopefully get word out to all grades including freshmen. Not all students know about the opportunities. I also plan on showing companies that they can count on all students and not just ones in higher grades with more experience.

    Matthew Phan Engineering Senator

    1. My name is Matthew Phan. I am a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in math. In the 2022-2023 academic school year, I became a member of the Freshman Leadership Council, and through the council, I was a part of the Student Organizations Committee. Additionally, I have been involved with the Community Service Board, and I am in the process of joining the recently recognized organization: the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

    2. I am running to serve the WSU community and to advocate for students, especially for those in the college of engineering. I enjoyed the work that I have done with the Freshman Leadership Council, and I want to continue facilitating student engagement throughout the university.

    3.My main goals would be to increase transparency within SGA, to promote sustainability throughout the campus, to promote student involvement, and to resolve the parking lot issues. I want students to feel welcome here at WSU and that they have the proper resources to succeed both academically and socially. Every voice should be heard and I want to hear your voice!

    Cole Matthews Engineering Senator

    1. My name is Cole Matthews and I am pursuing an aerospace engineering degree at Wichita State.  As an engineering senator, I am currently involved in student government, and this is my first semester here at WSU.

    2.I am running because I believe the college of engineering needs representation on a university-wide scale.

    3. I will represent the college of engineering's interests as an engineering senator and advocate for fiscal responsibility on behalf of the college of engineering as a member of the budget and finance committee.

    Garrett Knight Fine Arts Senator

    1. I am currently a Freshman here at WSU and a Music Education/Composition Major! I am very involved on campus and very into inclusivity and the involvement of others on campus. I am a Fine Arts Ambassador, a member of the Freshman Leadership Council, and a part of the WSU Symphonic Band and Impulse Percussion Group, a Percussionist in the Hutchinson Symphony Orchestra. I also started the Gamma Sigma Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Fraternity of America where I am currently holding the President position, finally, I am a 2023 Transition Mentor. I am super excited to have the possibility of running to represent the College of Fine Arts and School of Music!

    2. As a student at Wichita State University, I have a unique opportunity to become a voice for your fellow students in the Fine Arts department. Running for Fine Arts Senator gives me the chance to make a difference in the lives of my peers, by bringing their concerns and ideas to the forefront of the university's decision-making process.Firstly, as a student in the Fine Arts department, I have an understanding of the challenges that exist for these students. I am well-positioned to bring a fresh perspective and to advocate for the needs of my peers.Secondly, as a senator, I would have the opportunity to impact university policies and initiatives in meaningful ways. I would work closely with other student leaders, faculty, and staff to ensure that the university's resources and efforts are being directed toward the areas that are most important to students.Finally, serving as a Fine Arts Senator is a great opportunity to develop my leadership skills, public speaking abilities, and to build my professional network. I will learn how to navigate complex political processes and will gain experience working with people from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives.In conclusion, running for Fine Arts Senator is an excellent opportunity to make a positive impact on my peers and the university as a whole. Whether I am looking to gain valuable leadership experience, advocate for my peers, or simply make a difference in the world, this is a role that will allow me to do so.

    3. As a candidate for Fine Arts Senator at Wichita State University, your political platform should reflect your commitment to improving the experiences and outcomes for students in the Fine Arts department.To achieve this, I will focus on the following key areas:Increased resources for the Fine Arts department: Ensure that students have access to the resources and equipment they need to succeed in their studies.Improved student engagement: Work to increase student involvement in Fine Arts events, clubs, and organizations, and to provide opportunities for students to showcase their work and collaborate with one another.Enhanced career opportunities: Advocate for programs and initiatives that help students in the Fine Arts department connect with industry professionals, gain hands-on experience, and pursue their goals.Strengthened partnerships with the local community: Work to build partnerships with local arts organizations to provide students with opportunities to engage with the local arts community and to showcase their work.Greater transparency and accountability: Advocate for greater transparency and accountability in the allocation of university resources, and for increased opportunities for students to provide input into important decision-making processes.Overall, my platform will emphasize my commitment to improving the experiences and outcomes for students in the College of Fine Arts, and to working to ensure that their voices are heard and their needs are met.

    Lily Arens Fine Arts Senator

    1. I am an Art Education major here at WSU! I am currently a Freshman and I am involved with SGA in Freshman Leadership Council. I love to participate in campus events and get involved with organizations around campus. I have a huge passion for art and service, and I love any opportunity that allows me to blend the two.

    2. As a Fine Arts major, the college of Fine Arts is something very near and dear to me. I want to bring more representation to Senate, especially for the visual arts side of fine arts. I am ready to take on any challenges that this role may face, and I am excited to learn from my academic community at Wichita State.

    3. I want to make the voices of Fine Arts heard! As the college of Fine Arts encompasses a large variety of majors, allowing for communication and transparency within the college is very important to me. The college of Fine Arts may be smaller than some of the others, but the community is truly amazing and one that I want to represent.

    Valeria Paunetto Honors Senator

    1. My name is Valeria Paunetto and I am a sophomore pursuing a degree in Social Work in hopes of working with public policy. I am a Shocker Adelante Scholar and my involvement includes being a Diversity Intern at the Office Of Diversity and Inclusion as well as being the Phenomenal Women Student Facilitator. Being able to facilitate this truly phenomenal group of women has been a great experience for me. My involvement does not stop there though, I am part of the Cohen Honors College Council and I volunteer often in the Latinx community with Kansas Hispanic Education and Development Foundation. With KHEDF, I have had the opportunity to inspire future scholars, just like me, to work as hard as they can for their education and future career. As of Fall 2022, I have completed my first semester in Student Government Association as the Cohen Honors College senator. I have gotten the privilege to be part of the Safety and Student Services committee within Student Government Association, as well as being in the Cohen Honors College Caucus.  All of this involvement has prepared me greatly for the my current position as Cohen Honors College Senator and I want to keep putting forth my leadership in this position for the next session.

    2. I am applying to this position once again because I have had a successful first semester as the Cohen Honors College senator. I am motivated to keep working hard for the student body and serving them in the best way possible. Besides this, a career in public policy is what I plan on pursuing after getting my college education so not only do I get to serve students and make an impact on campus but I am growing myself as a leader and a professional in this position. I believe it is so important that I get to have this experience in leadership with other senators on how we can be better agents of change on our campus for the better of our students well-being.

    3. In this position, I want to make sure that I serve not only the college that I represent, but all of the students of Wichita State University. I want to make sure that I serve with intention and kindness in order to positively impact the welfare of our student body.

    Natasha Seneviratne Honors Senator

    1. My name is Natasha Seneviratne. I am an undergraduate student pursuing a computer science major, university honors minor, and sociology minor. I am the Director of Recruitment in the Honors Council, an Honors Ambassador, a Student Ambassador,  and a general member of Green Group, FOCUS, SHARE, and WSU Democrats. I work on campus at the National Institute for Aviation Research.

    2. Something I've noticed about the honors college is the lack of community. For a college that strives to do "More Meaningful Work", there doesn't seem to be a meaningful community. The most common complaint I hear is that no one knows when anything is happening. I want to be the bridge between the general student and the honors college. Another common complaint is just how confusing the honors curriculum is and how difficult it is to work this into a regular curriculum. This can be discouraging to students who want to get more from their education in honors courses, and even turn people away from honors altogether. Since the honors college is a secondary college, it is difficult to be seen and recognized. I want to change this. I believe being in a position such as an Honors Senator will not only allow me to reach the concerns of more honors students but to actually put in work to address their concerns.

    3. My goal is to work on strengthening the honors community and building up the reputation of the Honors College as a whole. I am going to reexamine the honors tracks offered to see what is and isn't working for students. I plan to go straight to my community to hear what they want from their honors status and how I can make that a reality. By the end of my college career, I will make sure that Honors students are getting their money's worth and truly doing "more meaningful work".

    Aaron Haynes International Senator

    1. My name is Aaron Haynes but most people just call me AJ. I'm a junior at WSU studyind a Bachelors degree in forensic Science with a triple minor in Anthropology, Biological Sciences and Chemistry. I am an international student from Barbados and I am 20 years old.Regarding my campus involvement, I am currently the president of the WSU Chess Club, An international senator in the 65th session, a member of Black Student Union and Ambassadors for Diversity and Inclusion.

    2. I am running for the 66th session as an international senator because I want to continue to make change within the student government while representing and advocating for international students. I am proud of what I have accomplished so far but there is still more work that I want to do for the international student population at WSU.

    3. In the next session if elected, I will continue to work on improved resources, employment opportunities and cultural awareness on campus for international students.

    Emma Roniger Liberal Arts and Sciences Senator

    1. My name is Emma Roniger and I am currently a Sophomore majoring in Political Science with a minor in Management. This is my first semester here at Wichita State University so I haven't really been able to get my feet all the way wet with what I am truly passionate about. I am also a member of Phi Theta Kappa honor society that I joined through the community college I was attending before I transferred! I have grown to absolutely love Wichita State, and hope to get involved more as I grow here!

    2. I am running because I have always had a passion for politics and helping people! I am an extreme extrovert and when you get me talking, I don't ever stop. I love being kind to others, and being the reason there is a smile on their face everyday.

    3. The platform I hope to embody is kindness. I want to create safe spaces for members of the  LGBTQ+ community, community service opportunities so we can help people who truly need it the most, more events/activities that show the many cultures of Wichita State, and why it makes us the best.

    Sophie Fleer Liberal Arts and Sciences Senator

    1. My name is Sophia (Sophie) Fleer. I served in the 65th session as a Freshman Senator and am very involved on campus. I am the Director of Philanthropy in the Gamma Xi chapter of my sorority, Alpha Phi. I am a first-year criminal justice student, and care very deeply about people. I love leading, in any way possible whether it is in my church, sorority, and even SGA. I am also the LAS Caucus leader, and help make sure the communication between LAS Senators runs smoothly.

    2. I have thoroughly enjoyed serving as a Freshman Senator this session, and am finally beginning to understand how to get involved with SGA. I have learned a few things about policy, which excites me as I continue learning more. I am currently learning how to write legislation, and am excited to dive into that to better serve my constituency of freshman students. I hope to learn more about the issues in the LAS college, and help to make a difference within my peers if I am appointed as an LAS Senator.

    3. During the 65th session, I have advocated for my constituency of first-year students on issues involving dining services, housing issues such as exits not working properly, and multiple other issues that have acted against freshman students for years. My passion and overall plan for the next session is to stand up for the LAS students' needs. As a senator on the Safety and Student Services committee, I have been able to exercise this passion. American activist Maggie Kuhn once said "speak your mind, even if your voice shakes." My goal as a senator for this student government association is to do just that. I strive to have the hard conversations, ask the tough questions, and stand for the things that my constituency needs. I also hope to help with ADA compliancy issues, and to overall make this campus a better place.

    Kylee Hower Liberal Arts and Sciences Senator

    1. My name is Kylee Hower; I am a first-year student at WSU studying Political Science and Economics with a minor in Spanish. I currently serve as an underserved senator and pro-temp of the Ways and Means Committee of the Student Senate. I am also involved in the Shocker Navigators, Student Ambassador Society, The Green Group, and the Gamma Xi chapter of Alpha Phi. I am passionate about women's rights, saving the environment, and being an advocate for students across campus.

    2. I am running because, throughout the 65th Senate Session, I have found a community and a purpose within Student Government. I would love to come back for the 66th session and become more involved with our student body. I am passionate about helping others and strive to positively impact our campus through advocacy and awareness. By engaging and uniting the student body, we can all help each other create a better campus.

    3. I want to close the gap between Student Government and the student body. As a member of the Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, I would like to cultivate an integrated community within our college. By bridging the gap between students and representatives we can reach new heights within our University community. Grow together; Flourish Forever.

    AJ Jones Liberal Arts and Sciences Senator

    1. Hello, my name is AJ Jones. I’m a first year and generation student from Kansas City, Kansas. My majors are Psychology & Criminal Justice.  I’m involved in organizations such as Ambassadors for Diversity and Inclusion (ADI), Black student Union (BSU), Hispanic American Leadership Organization (HALO), and many more.

    2. Morality and compassion matter to me. It means being kind, understanding, and generous, and always looking for ways to help those in need. Caring about the student population is a powerful way to bring joy and positivity into our lives and the lives of those we care to serve. That’s why I’m running.

    3. My platform is communication. The importance of communication in college cannot be overstated. Communication allows students to interact with peers and SGA to voice their campus concerns. It helps to foster an inclusive and diverse environment of intellectual growth and understanding.

    Victoria Owens Liberal Arts and Sciences Senator

    1. Hello, I am Victoria Owens I am a Sophomore here at Wichita State University and I am currently double majoring in Political Science and Women's Studies.  This is my second year in Student Government Association and I chair the Academic Affairs Committee. Additionally, I am a Resident Assistant in the flats and a member of a dance group on campus called Kversity.

    2. I have always been interested in groups that do the work that Student Government Association does, which is why I chose to run my freshman year and am a Political Science Major. Additionally, as a Resident Assistant I have been able to interact with many students who all have unique needs, concerns, and ideas. I want to help improve the university for all of the students that go here.

    3. If I am elected for another year I would continue the work my committee has done to improve academic advising across the board, help increase visibility for the resources offered at Wichita State University, work on researching and addressing retention rates, and most importantly listen to the concerns of students and be a guiding force for change.

    Nathan Atkison Out of State Senator

    1.I am a second year Aerospace Engineering Major from Allen Texas. I have been serving as out-of-state senator since being appointed last semester.

    2. Last year no one ran for the out-of-state senators positions. Out-of-state students need and deserve advocacy especially in a university designed to be a commuter school.

    3. Increased transparency in class selection. Students should have a clear understanding of how their professor teaches and the success rate of students under them before the first day of class. Increased professor accountability. Increased food access on campus on all days of the week and weekends. Increased access to campus by bus and bike and improved security for bikes on campus.

    Chris Harris Returning Adults Senator

    1. I'm Chris, a Communication major and soon to be a CJ minor, as of Spring 2023 semester I am finally declared a senior with expected graduation May 2024. December 2022 I got my Associates and on track for my Bachelors. I am involved in Student Government, an Osher Scholar through the Office of Adult Learning, a member of Wichita Barbell club, and often seen in the RSC, Eliott Hall, or the Grace Wilkie Annex. The 2022-2023 school year is my second year on Senate and I love being involved in helping make life better for all students.

    2.Because I like helping people and that as students our voice must be heard. There are issues that we all face that can be obstacles on our academic journey and students need to be informed of the resources on campus to help.

    3. My platform is providing opportunites for all and helping Adult Learners suceed despite the unique obstacles we face returning to college.

    Andrew Hatch Returing Adults Senator

    1. Hello, I am Andrew Hatch and I am a second time returning adult student. Wichita State is my third university. It has been an adverse path back to school for me, through health issues and poverty. This has made me uniquely empathetic and motivated to help people, especially those like me who had to struggle just to start.

    2. I am running both for experience for future endeavors, as well as the legitimate chance to help my fellow students

    3. I am currently working on a plan to ask the state legislature for affordable healthcare for students through KanCare, as well as childcare options for students. 

    Emanuyel Brown Underserved Senator 

    1. Hello! My name is Emanuyel Brown, and I am currently a first-year student at Wichita State University majoring in Elementary Education. I am in the graduating class of 2026, and this will be the best class. I am from Oklahoma City, Ok. I love to explore new opportunities and hang out with my friends and family. My friends and family are the foundation of my life. I love to go hiking in the mountains, Skiing, Bike riding, and going for runs. I really do like Starbucks, and you will catch me there at least twice a day. I have twelve siblings in all, six on my mom's side and six on my dad's side. I know you are thinking right now that there are a lot of siblings, that is because I just met my dad last year in October. I love all of them to the moon and back. I work at the Boys and Girls Club of South-Central Kansas as a Youth Development Professional. I create lesson plans for kids that are in third- fifth grade, and I love every moment of it. I love these moments because I can build a strong relationship with the club members. I can show them the path to the next generation, and that’s beautiful to me. I really do enjoy Student Government, or just doing things to serve my community. My senior year of High School I was a part of the Youth Council of Oklahoma City, Ok, and I was an At – Large Representative for Mayor David Holt. I really did enjoy my time being a part of the Youth Council of Oklahoma City. Being able to see how the City Council works and how the city is run on a daily between different wards was amazing. I was able to experience so many different things, and I was able to make many connections. I am involved in the Freshman Leadership Council (Student Government Assocation), Black Student Union, Black Excellence LLC (Living Learning Community) and Student Ambassador Society. I really do enjoy being involved on campus because you get to meet so many students, and really get to have many different opportunities and connections.

    2. I am running as an Underserved Senator for Student Government because while anyone can be a leader and take responsibility, not everyone wants to. I am running to make a more compatible, loving, and inclusive environment for minority students on campus. I know being a minority student at a PWI (Public White Institution) can be difficult at times. I know trying to find your people or having somebody to relate to can be difficult when you do not have somebody that looks like you in your classroom, has the same experience as you or just cannot relate to you at all. I know it can be hard not being able to voice your opinion or thoughts in certain situations because you are afraid that someone is going to judge you. I know it can be hard not wanting to just be you, because the world already looks at your culture, race, or ethnicity as something that you do not picture it as. If elected I am going to be the Underserved Senator, that is not going to just look at the painting, I am going to look at the Picture. The reason most people do not get things done is because they are looking at the painting. The painting of the wrong issues, the painting of not hosting events within their position, the painting of not speaking to students and getting their view on what is going on, the paining of wasting a senator seat and the painting of just not doing what needs to be done. Once again, if elected as the Underserved Senator I am going to look at the picture of things, and really get the work done. I have learned overtime that change is not going to be made unless you have somebody that is willing to make that change. I am going to be that Senator, if elected, that will make that change.  I do not just want to be the Underserved Senator if elected that is just going to push my own ideas and agenda on the students. I want to be a contributor, but I also want it to be a safe space for minorities to contribute their own opinions about how to make a better atmosphere for themselves and others. I want to make this inclusive as possible. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a leader. It was not for the Clout or for the benefits, but for the opportunity to work with a team to serve a diverse group of people. One of the skills I can bring as an Underserved Senator if elected is being a team player, being open-minded, communication and getting the work done that needs to be done. I am not coming to play at all, I am coming to get the work that needs to be done. I am coming to close the gap between minority students on campus, and really help them become more accepted.

    3. My Platform if elected as an Underserved Senator for the 2023-2024 66th session will be to focus on making a more unified, loving, and inclusive environment for minority students on campus. My slogan is going to be I just don’t speak the change, I make the change. I will work countlessly to build a better road for tomorrow. The road is not going to be easy, because we will have some bumps along the way, but it is important that we learn from those bumps. I will create a platform that many students will understand and be able to be a part of. It is important as running to make an inclusive environment that I am creating a platform that many minority students can be a part of from all social classes. I know you are asking yourself how is he going to create this inclusive environment? Inclusion is a deliberate effort to create an environment where everyone is respected and empowered to contribute equally and support with access to the same resources and opportunities, regardless of individual demographics. I will work towards to stop the bias pushed towards minority students on campus and make sure I am creating this inclusive environment. I will create open meetings for students to know that I am representing them, hear their voices and that I am just not listening to their voice. I am pushing for the things that they care about.  I will work towards to create a safe space for Black Students on campus, even though we have some resources, I just really want Black Students to get connected and comfortable with those resources. I want Black Students to know that they have an Underserved Senator that cares about them and understands how It feels being in a environment with only 5.9% of us on campus. I will not just want to make change; I would want to be the change.  Unified as one is important, and I will focus on how we can continue to pave the way for minority students on campus, by making it a more loving and inclusive environment. I will do this by really pushing for clubs and organizations to come together as one to highlight unity.  I will create a loving experience and make sure that I am building those relationships with the student body on campus. Building relationships is important to me, and I will make sure that is my agenda’s foundation.