General Election Results

The results of the Student Government Association are filed here for the viewing by the public. The certified results are filled annually with the Election Report authored by the SGA Elections Commission. For questions, please contact

2020 General Election (63rd Session)

The General Election will be completed in April. 

2019 General Election (62nd Session)
Kitrina Miller and Michael J. Bearth, Together We Can 554                       32.8%
Isaac Rivera and Anisia Brumley, Perpetual 528 31.2%
Reid Linot and Blake Christopherson, All Voices Heard 334 19.8%
Julian Cornejo and Will Schindler, Unity Through Diversity 244 14.4%

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2018 Special Election (61st Session)

In the fall of 2018, the Student Senate approved R-61-001: Calling for a Special Election authored by Senator Anisia Brumley for the purposes of electing the underserved and freshman Senators. Due to lack of candidacy paperwork, the Elections Commission canceled the Election.

2018 General Election (61st Session)
Kenon Brinkley and Shelby Rowell, Revival  1064                     88.9%              
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2017 General Election (60th Session)
Paige Hungate and Breck Towner, United We Stand 1517                        58.3%                      
Tracia Banuelos and Patrick Oshakuade, Impact 1049 40.3%

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