As of February 4th, 2019, we are no longer offering Individual Funding for Spring 2019. There is no more funding left in our Student Funding Account. Thank you for your interest, we hope to serve your conference needs next year. For questions please contact the SGA Treasurer, Stella Yang at or call her at (316) 978-7062. 


One of SGA’s primary charges is to enhance the educational, social, and cultural experiences of the members of the Association. Each year, SGA allocates student fees for undergraduate and graduate students traveling to conferences to present research or advance their knowledge in a way that benefits the student and WSU. Applications must be completed and submitted in ShockerSync at least 45 days before departure for travel.

Please keep in mind that SGA receives a high volume of funding requests. Once an individual funding application has been submitted to SGA and reviewed by the SGA Treasurer, the applicant must meet with the Budget and Finance Committee to discuss the merits of the request. These meetings are held on Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m.

Applications are either approved and recommended to Senate the next week for final approval or denial, or denied by a consensus of the committee members.

The earliest that individuals will be notified that their funding request has been approved or denied will be during the second full senate meeting in August.

The individual funding process is outlined in S027 of the Legislative Journal, the Association’s Funding Act. Below is a link for reference.

Association Funding Regulations Reference Section 1

Key Guidelines for Individual Funding:

  • Funding shall be reserved for students presenting papers, plays, or other projects or representing the university at a scholarly event.
  • An individual may be eligible for funding once a fiscal year, with the fiscal year being defined as July 1st through June 30th.
  • The Association shall fund a maximum of four individuals to attend any one conference, play, or any other event.
  • No funds shall be allocated for:
    • Recreational activities
    • Publication costs
    • Food

The total reimbursement for individual travel shall not exceed the actual expenses incurred and correctly-documented, funded expenses.

Funding limits:

  • Registration: Up to 50% of the actual cost of registration, up to a maximum of $100.
  • Lodging: Up to a maximum of $200 towards actual lodging cost per funding request.
  • Travel: Only one form of travel may be funded per request.
    • Up to $300 can be allocated for domestic travel, $700 for international.

Reimbursement/ Supplemental Funding:

It is important for applicants to understand that SGA funding is intended to be a form of supplemental funding, not a means of completely financing travel. SGA funding is in the form of reimbursement to the individual, meaning the student must supply all original receipts to receive the approved amount of money after returning from travel. Receipts must be submitted to the SGA office within seven days upon returning from travel for the reimbursement to be processed.

Funding Application

The individual funding application can be found in ShockerSync:

  1. Go to and login.
  2. Once you login, scroll down and in the bottom right hand corner click “Campus Links.” Click “Campus Budgeting System.”
  3. Click My Budget Requests >> Create Request >> For Individuals >> Fall 2018 Individual Funding
  4. Individual Funding Step by Step Instructions for ShockerSync
  5. Individual Funding Information for ShockerSync

  Please submit the completed application with all required supporting documentation.

  • Letter of Recommendation: generally from an advisor that is familiar with the applicant's academic ability and can speak to the merit of the funding request.
  • Notice of Acceptance to the Conference: generally in the form of an email confirmation that can be printed and included with the application.
  • Conference Description: generally in the form of a printed website page or screen shot included with the application, also can be a typed document by the applicant.
  • Proof of Registration Costs: generally a printed page from the conference website or email confirmation of registration payment.
  • Proof of Roundtrip Mileage (car travel): generally calculated by an online map service, such as Google Maps, that includes information on the route and roundtrip mileage.
  • Flight Itinerary (air travel): generally in the form of an email confirmation; it is understandable that applicants that have not yet purchased airfare will not have a flight itinerary.
  • University Sanctioned Travel Form: please click the link below under Required Documents, complete the form and submit with the funding application; the USTR is for the purpose of maintaining the traveler’s emergency contact information while representing the university (the form says it must be submitted to the Vice President of Campus Life and University Relations but SGA will perform that task).
  • For SGA direct deposit reimbursement each student must now go to their myWSU portal under My Finances, Self Service, Direct Deposit, and fill in their banking information. If the applicant is approved for funding.
  • W9: necessary for SGA reimbursement if the applicant is approved for funding.
  • W-8BEN: necessary for SGA reimbursement if the applicant is approved for funding. This form replaces the W9 if applicant is an international student.

Required Documents

University Sanctioned Travel Form (required with application)

W-9 (required with application)

W-8BEN (required with application-international students)

**The W-9 or W-8BEN forms are necessary for reimbursement.

The SGA Treasurer can be contacted with questions about the funding process at and 316-978-7062.