Shocker freshman: 'I honestly feel like I owe so much of my happiness to WSU'

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Name: Saylis Sengvilay, freshman, Communication Sciences and Disorders, minor in psychology, Cohen Honors student

Where are you from? I've lived in the Wichita area all my life, and I absolutely loved it. I'm specifically from Andover, and I attended Andover Central High School. Go Jags!

Do you consider yourself a first generation student? I struggle with the idea of a traditional student, because there exist so many different paths a student could take. However, I would say I am a traditional student. I am a freshman living and loving campus, super involved, high grades and very motivated.

What does WSU offer that makes attending college easier?
I honestly feel like I owe so much of my happiness to WSU. Being a Wichita native, I had always been on WSU’s campus for various activities, so the campus already felt like a home to me when I began searching for colleges, which made the transition much easier. WSU has also offered me scholarships to help lift the financial burden off my parents and myself, so I truly get to focus on my academics and involvement. Through my involvement in different organizations, I have found plenty of career opportunities and friendships, and I couldn't be more thankful to go to WSU.

What have been some highlights of your WSU experience?
I remember my first week here we had this event called Clash of the Colleges for new students, and it was like a big party competition between all the academic colleges. It was there that I met some of my best friends on this campus, and it was so much fun! My favorite moments on this campus have also come from living in the dorms. Living in the dorms and in the honors living learning community provides so many great friends who are always ready to hang out, go on an adventure or just help you with homework no matter the time.

What would you tell someone considering going to WSU? Come to campus and see the community for yourself. Check out all the university has to offer for your academic life, your social life and everything else. Also, talk to a current student here and get a real, in-depth idea of what a Shocker’s life is like.

What has helped keep you here? WSU has so many resources I've used to help with my own academics. There are these short classes called Supplemental Instruction (SI) that are like private tutors for specific classes. I've always attended SIs if I’m struggling with a class, and they have helped me get on top of the school work and truly understand the material. In all my classes I've also had a personal connection with the professors, thanks to the small class sizes at WSU. All the professors I’ve met are also extremely helpful and willing to direct you to other resources to help as well.