University leadership, councils, constituent senates and boards

Fulfilling Wichita State's mission takes the teamwork of our talented, forward-thinking faculty, staff and students—guided by a group of experienced, dedicated and responsive administrators and campus leaders who embrace WSU's values and empower others to succeed.

The Wichita State University leadership team is also guided by the expertise and experience of hundreds of advisors and constituent leaders across campus.

President's Executive Team

Dr. Richard D. Muma Ph.D., MPH, PA-C

President, Wichita State University

(316) 978-3010

Dr. Shirley Lefever Ph.D.

Interim Executive Vice President and Provost

(316) 978-3301

Dr. Sheree Utash Ed.D.

President of WSU Tech and VP of Workforce Development for WSU

(316) 677-9505

Dr. John S. Tomblin Ph.D.

Senior Vice President for Industry and Defense Programs, WSU NIAR Executive Director

(316) 978-5234

Werner Golling

Vice President for Finance and Administration

(316) 978-3030

Dr. Marché Fleming-Randle Ph.D.

Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer, Director of Military and Veterans Programs

(316) 978-5932

Dr. Teri Hall Ph.D.

Vice President for Student Affairs


Stacia Boden

General Counsel

(316) 978-6792

Shelly Coleman-Martins

Vice President of Strategic Communications and Marketing

(316) 978-3045

Andrew Schlapp

Executive Director, Government Relations and Strategy, Executive Director to the Board of Trustees

(316) 978-3001

Kaye Monk-Morgan

Vice President for Strategic Engagement and Planning

(316) 978-6406

Darron Boatright

Director of Athletics

(316) 978-5498

Zach Gearhart

Chief of Staff

(316) 978-3001

Council of Deans

Kathy Downes

Dean, University Libraries

(316) 978-3586

Kimberly Engber Ph.D.

Dean, Dorothy and Bill Cohen Honors College

(316) 978-3375

Dr. Larisa Genin D.B.A.

Dean, W. Frank Barton School of Business

(316) 978-3200

Gregory Hand PhD, MPH, MS

Dean, College of Health Professions

(316) 978-3600

Dr. Andrew Hippisley, Ph.D.

Dean, Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

(316) 978-6659

Clay Stoldt Ed.D

Interim Dean, College of Applied Studies

(316) 978-5441

Dr. Rodney Miller Ph.D.

Dean, College of Fine Arts

(316) 978-3389

Dr. Jeremy Patterson Ph.D.

Dean, College of Innovation and Design, Interim Executive Director for Innovation & New Ventures

(316) 978-3786

Dr. Coleen Pugh Ph.D.

Dean, Graduate School, Associate Vice President for Research

(316) 978-3095

Dr. Linnea GlenMaye Ph.D.

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

(316) 978-5054

Laura Manning

Executive Assistant to the Provost

(316) 978-5051

Kaye Monk-Morgan

Vice President for Strategic Engagement and Planning

(316) 978-6406

Dr. Carolyn Shaw

Associate Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management

(316) 978-7130

Dr. David W. Wright Ph.D.

Chief Data Officer

(316) 978-7157

Constituent Senate Leaders

Whitney Bailey

President, Faculty Senate

(316) 978-3343

Gabriel Fonseca

President, Staff Senate

(316) 978-3480

Rija Khan

President, Student Government Association

(316) 978-3480