Use the search field below to search the directory by name, title, department, phone or email. Use the pulldown to customize your search to find faculty and staff profile information, including academic and research interests and more. Add as many terms as you need to narrow your search.


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How To Use the Directory

To search through publicly available information about Wichita State University faculty and staff, enter some text in the "Search" field and hit return. To narrow the scope of your search, select a section of information to search in. Using more words will narrow the results, but it will match on partial words. For example, searching for "Tim Strat" is sufficient to find Timothy Hart in Strategic Communications.

You can narrow or expand the search using the pulldown menu next to the the search field.

Default Search searches the HR Directory's name, title, department, phone and email fields and finds results that have words in those fields.

Selecting All Fields searches the publicly available WSU Profiles information as well as basic directory information.

Choosing other search field selections will narrow the search to just those fields in the publicly available WSU Profiles.  Get information on how to create and edit WSU Profiles

How to Update Directory Information

If you are a faculty or staff member and see something incorrect in a listing, you may need to contact Human Resources (email or call 316-978-3065). You may self-update some information in Banner Self Service on myWSU or on your Profile. If you are outside the university system and suspect that some information may be incorrect, please fill out a web support form.