Introducing: WSU Profiles

WSU Profiles lets users build flexible, feature-rich profile pages that can be used to generate faculty and staff listings for the website. The system saves content entered on the profile page in a way that allows it to be easily repurposed. For instance, Strategic Communications will use “Academic Interests and Expertise” field in the profiles to create a searchable Experts Guide for the media. Because the profile page contains the information, the faculty or staff member is always in total control of the information that is shared, and any updates or additions are instantly reflected throughout the website.

Major Features

Profile pages

  • Flexible profile pages with accordion display of content areas
  • Optional links to curriculum vitae, social media channels or personal websites
  • Optional photos, including high resolution photos
  • Information on profiles is stored to allow repurposed content
  • Additional content areas allow for customization of pages using existing design elements

Directory listings

  • Multiple styles from simple lists to image-based displays
  • Total control of the information types listed in directory
  • Weighting system allows you to control the display order of individuals
  • Listings can display everyone alphabetically or divided into groups

WSU Profiles Pages samples